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An Account of Falun Dafa Practitioners Tortured by Mu Jianfeng and Others in the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp, Inner Mongolia (Part 2)

February 20, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liang Baochi, 35, is an employee of the Hohhot City Winery of Jinyuan Group in Inner Mongolia.

In April 2001, to force Falun Dafa practitioners to give up their cultivation, the third division tortured Liang Baochi and other practitioners who had been recently sent there. The practitioners were forced to run over 80 laps around the athletic field. Practitioner Yuxue said, "Hardship suffering treated as joy." (from Master Li's poem of "Tempering One's Mind and Heart" in Hong Yin) The persons who watched him reported him to the division leader. He was called into the office and shocked with electric batons. Practitioner Liang went to reason with the division leader and was handcuffed from behind his back [according to http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/2/5/44784.html, during the cuffing, one hand was from above the shoulder and the other from behind the back, and the cuff will cut into the muscle in several minutes]. He was shocked with electric batons, and then put into a solitary cell for two days.

On December 6, 2001, guard Mu Jianfeng and over a dozen other villains viciously beat seven Dafa practitioners, including Mr. Liang, wounding all of them badly. Mr. Liang was the first one ordered to come out. The villains gave Liang no time to say anything, and violently beat him, punching and kicking him and shocking him with electric batons. When Mr. Liang was carried back to his cell he started a hunger strike. Using that as an excuse, the villains put Liang into a solitary cell for seven days. Liang's hunger strike lasted 43 days.

On September 10, 2002, Liang and five other practitioners were transferred to the second division from the third division, since the labor camp wanted to change the environment to better brainwash them. Under orders from persecutors Zhong Zhiyuan and Liu Bing, labor camp inmates including Hong Jinjun, Hao Aisuo, Jiang Xiaoping, Zhang Wenli, Jiang Zhiyi, Hua Lian, Hu Jinrong, Duan Baoshan, Ma Wubin, etc. viciously beat Liang.

Mr. Feng Tianzhi, 27, is from Linhe of Bameng in Inner Mongolia.

Feng Tianzhi was sent to the third division in March 2001. In April he was badly beaten by the police for refusing to write the "guarantee letter" [indicating his giving up Falun Dafa practice; promises never again to associate with other Dafa practitioners and will not go to Beijing to appeal for Dafa]. Later he was transferred to the fourth Division. In June, policemen Wei Yuzhi and Li Sizhe tortured him with electric batons. After several days of torture, his face became black and blue. Later he was forced to do extremely heavy manual labor for very long hours, such as ditch digging.

In September 2002, a large-scale escalation of the persecution took place. In the second division nine inmates, including Hong Jinjun, under instructions from Zhong Zhiyuan, Liu Bing, and Shen Yansheng, started to violently beat up all the practitioners who refused to give up Dafa cultivation, which severely injured many practitioners. One time, this group of villains knocked Dafa practitioner Feng to the ground and then kicked and punched him for several hours. After the beating, they did not allow Mr. Feng to sleep for many days. They would wake him up the minute he closed his eyes. When Feng was not mentally clear due to the persecution, he wrote a "guarantee letter."

In January 2003, Feng declared that his "guarantee letter" was void and no longer valid. He was then forced to stand for 15 days and was not allowed to rest.

Mr. Jin Haitao, 26, is an ex-serviceman from Alxa Zuoqi of Inner Mongolia.

He was arrested and sent to the fourth division in March 2001. In June, to meet the so-called "transformation" quota, all the divisions simultaneously mistreated the practitioners. Each labor camp section leader and several guards were responsible for one practitioner. They resorted to threats and coercion. Since Dafa practitioner Mr. Jin refused to slander Dafa, guard Wei Yuzhi and the others cuffed both of his hands to a radiator and started to shock him with electric batons. His head showed two patches where the skin had peeled off. Several days later this group of villains once again beat up him, with the beating lasting several hours.

Jin was released from the labor camp in early 2002. But he was arrested again in October by enforcers from Hohhot City Police Department and sentenced to three years in a labor camp. He was sent to Hohhot City No. 1 Prison.

Mr. Zhang Yan, 38, is from Alxa Zuoqi of Inner Mongolia.

He was arrested in 2001 by local police. In June, to force him to give up Dafa cultivation, guard Wei Yuzhi and Zhao Naidong shocked his head with electric batons, causing him severe injuries. In September 2002, under the supervision by Yang Furong, the police again beat him in order to make him give up his cultivation. Mr. Zhang was put into a solitary cell, and was interrogated and beaten every day. In the daytime he was dragged outside and exposed to the scorching sun. Every day he was given just a bowl of corn porridge. Section leader Sha Huiming grabbed his head and then hit it against the wall.

Mr. Zhang Ruitong, 48, lives at 23 Jiuchangcheng Lane, Hedong District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia.

He was sent to the Wuyuan Labor Camp in 2001. On December 6 guard Mu Jianfeng gathered together over ten policemen to beat up Mr. Zhang. The noise from the beating, verbal abuse, and shocking with electric batons was very loud. Mr. Zhang's head swelled. The beatings severely injured his spinal cord and internal organs. He was completely paralyzed and could not move at all.

Mr. Gui Zhiyu, 31, is an employee of Wuhai City Film Studio in Inner Mongolia.

In the summer of 2001, he was arrested in Wuhai City and sent to the Wuyuan Labor Camp. In June he was interrogated and threatened many times. Seeing he refused to give up his cultivation, the police shocked him with electric batons. They did not stop until he lost control of his bowels and bladder. He was then cuffed from behind his back and put into a shallow, solitary cell. The police threatened to beat him again if he refused to give up his cultivation. On December 6, under the supervision of guard Mu Jianfeng, Mr. Gui was beaten again and was shocked all over his body. His face and mouth were extremely swollen.

In September 2002, supervised by Yang Furong, the police tortured every practitioner in order to force them to give up cultivation. Mr. Gui was put into a solitary cell, ordered to stand there, and was not allowed to sleep. He was also ordered to wipe the floor repetitively. Mr. Gui suffered tremendously both physically and mentally over a dozen days.

Mr. Wen Yong, 31, a sailor working in Hong Kong, has his home residence at No. 57, Building No. 4, 4 Xingfu Street, Qingshan District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia.

When Wen Yong was on his way home from Hong Kong, secret agents at the Beijing Railway Station interrogated him. After he acknowledged that he is a Dafa practitioner he was immediately detained. In 2001, he was sent to Wuyuan Labor Camp. On December 6 seven practitioners, including Wen, were abused and beaten up. Guard Mu Jianfeng was the main criminal who led the police to torture them. They punched and kicked him and shocked him with two electric batons. Guard Liu Jun yelled loudly and wanted to hang him up to carry on the beating. At the end, Wen's face swelled and was covered with bloodstains. He protested the abuse and torment by holding a hunger strike. In May 2002 he was released, but one year later, he was arrested again and sentenced to three years of forced labor. He was sent back to the labor camp. In August 2003 the police tried to force Wen to write the "three statements" [a.k.a. "guarantee letters"] but Wen refused. He was then forced to stand for eleven days.

Mr. Zhao Zongyou, about 40 years old, has his home residence at No. 218, South Xinxing Street, Chengguan Town, Duolun County, Inner Mongolia.

In May 2001, Mr. Zhao was sent to the Wuyuan Labor Camp from Duolun County. After being sent to the third division he was monitored around the clock. The police and inmates tortured and threatened him every day. He was also forced to do heavy manual labor. On December 6, guard Mu Jianfeng and over ten other persons viciously beat him and six other Dafa practitioners for almost two hours. Du Xiangyang, Wang Donglei, and others shocked Mr. Zhao's face, mouth, ears, and neck with electric batons. His face was scorched during the shocking, causing the skin to peel off. His ears were full of dried-up blood, and his mouth swelled up. He also suffered severe mental torment from the torture.

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