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"If You Refuse to Submit, You Will Be Cremated" - Brutal Treatment of Falun Gong Practitioners in Tumuji Forced Labor Camp

February 02, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I am 48, and I live in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province.

Because of my persistence in Falun Dafa practice, in June 2001 I was sentenced by the police of Chifeng Songshan District Police Station to three years' hard labor in Tumuji Forced Labor Camp of Inner Mongolia Province, where I witnessed some of most inhumanly cruel treatments suffered by Dafa practitioners.

At the time, there were about 80 Dafa practitioners imprisoned in the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp, all of them were female practitioners.

Ji Yunzhi was among them. Because of a comment she made, "We are all good people, we should not be treated like that," Ji was immediately singled out by a guard, who slapped and kicked her, and later shocked her with an electric baton. She lost her mobility and later suffered from severe heart problems. Ji was not spared from her field labor duty, even after being injured badly by the torture. Officer Yin Guijuan asked two inmates to drag her out to the field. It was extremely cold in the winter in the North. As Ji's legs were badly hurt from the torture, she could not support herself. Therefore, they dumped her on the freezing cold ground, where Ji ended up with severe frostbite and was unable to get out of bed for the next few days, after which she was still trembling with cold. Despite her wretched state, guard Zhou Liping still did not let her off. She continued to torture Ji with an electric baton. Ji Yunzhi finally collapsed, was dispatched to the hospital, and later allowed to go home on medical parole.

On January 24, 2001, practitioner Ma Xiuqin went on a hunger strike, protesting the illegal captivity and ill treatment. She was bashed and hit by two guards, who fractured her jaw. Grabbing her feet, they dragged her out to a compound eighty meters away, where her clothes were ripped by the stones on the ground. Later, they threw her in a disciplinary cell and tried to force her to admit that she was wrong for practicing Falun Gong. Ma replied, "We are all good people, we have done nothing wrong." Seeing that she refused to submit, they tied her to the back of a van and pulled her along to a broken down shed, where she was made to stand and not allowed to sleep unless she gave up her practice. They tied her arms to the back and hung her up, with her toes barely touching the ground. Adding to her agony, they shocked her with an electric baton. Ma collapsed four times, and she suffered from cardiac problems from the damage done by the high voltage electric baton. For six months afterwards, she was unable to lift up her arms. Five men were involved in that nine-day torture. Two of them, Zhang Yuxi and Li, were camp commissioners.

Dafa practitioner Fu Guiying requested that all of the Dafa practitioners should be released, but ended up being brutally tortured by four guards, two of whom were Luo Jinfang and Na Lihua. Forcing her arms apart, they handcuffed her hands onto a heating pipe. Using two simultaneously applied electric batons, they tortured her for well over half a day. Fu was unable to get out of bed after this, and she was sent home later.

In May 2002, when an order came from Jiang Zemin that all forms of torture techniques were permitted to use on Dafa practitioners in order to force them to give up Falun Gong, Officer Yin Guijuan was delighted. She was sent for further training to learn more techniques to apply on the captives. Xin Xiuying was a firm practitioner. Initially, she was put under corporal torture - forced to stand, to squat or bend down for long hours in a difficult posture. After a few days, Xin was in miserable shape. One day, a guard asked two inmates to strip her pants down and pinched her sensitive areas. Seeing that she was on the verge of collapse, they forced her thumbprint on a pre-prepared "transformation statement," promising to give up practice of Falun Gong.

As Wang Suqin was unable to take the inhuman beating, she gave in and signed a pre-prepared transformation statement, which she deeply regretted afterwards. One day, seizing an opportunity, she escaped from the camp. However, the camp was far away from anywhere and not a house was around for miles, and she was recaptured quickly. Her sentence was extended for another three months. As a punishment, the guards made her to stand in a pool of water poured on the ground and shocked her with a high voltage electric baton until the batteries ran out. Her face turned blue and red, and she had difficulty walking afterwards. Her heart was damaged severely from the high voltage shocks. In a short period of time, her weight dropped down from eighty kilograms to only fifty kilograms.

On June 8, 2002, a camp officer was finally successful into forcing me to put my thumbprint on a prepared statement to renounce Dafa. When I protested that it was invalid and not legal, they struck me brutally. Officer Yin Guijuan whipped my face with a leather belt dripping with water, and while pulling my hair and slamming my head against a wall, she threatened, "If you refused to submit, you will be cremated." To work on me further, she ordered two inmates, Bao Xi and Xu Xiujuan, to handcuff me and hang me up. I was determined not to let them do it, so I kept telling myself - I am a Dafa practitioner, no one can harm me. After almost half a day and exhausted, the five inmates were unable to do anything to me. Despite the fact that they tried to rub dirt in my mouth and nearly ripped my clothing into shreds, they still could not hang me up. However, my head and face were swollen from the beating and I could hardly open my eyes. For the next two days, I was unable to swallow any liquid, and for twenty days afterwards, I was unable to do any physical work.

Another Dafa practitioner, Meng Hulun, was summoned to the office to sign a prepared statement renouncing Dafa. As she refused to sign anything, she was beaten severely by the three guards, Yin Guijuan, Li Xiaodong, and one other one for over four hours using a leather belt dipped in water. Her head and body were covered with bruises and she could hardly lie down. Afterwards, she was bleeding heavily and had to be sent to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus. Meng Hulun said, "I was perfectly healthy when you put me here. After all the torture, who is going to guarantee that my life is not in jeopardy?" Fearing that she might die in the camp, they quickly sent her home.

Every Dafa practitioner in the camp was tortured to varying degrees. We were put on surveillance round the clock, and talking with each other was absolutely forbidden. We were not allowed to cross our legs or close our eyes while sitting. Even when we were using the washroom, we were closely watched. Every now and then, they would remove our clothes and searched for any Dafa materials. They also constantly verbally abused us.

Nevertheless, through continual clarification of the truth, the good side of some guards was revealed. One day, officer Yin Guijuan said to me, "We can't help it. We are unwilling to treat you people like that. We are not enemies and we all know that you are good people. But Jiang Zemin's involvement is too extensive. If we don't get results, we will be fired. How will we survive?"

Such horrible incidents in the camp were so innumerable that it will take me several days and nights to relate all of them. Even then, these are only some of the events I personally witnessed. I don't know how much more that I don't know. Ever since Jiang started the persecution, we have not had a day's peace. While I was at the camp, my husband was arrested and sentenced to three years imprisonment. At present, he is still in prison, leaving my son at home.

Kindhearted readers, we seek your righteousness and helping hand to end this terrible persecution.


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Chief Officer: Zhou Guoling

Deputy Officer: Yin Guijuan