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Police from Zhangshi Labor Camp in Shenyang City Torture Practitioners by Tying Them Up for 5 hours With Their Heads Between Their Legs

February 19, 2004 |  


47-year-old political instructor Song Baishun in the "Special Enforcement Team" has brutally tortured Falun Gong practitioners over the past three years

The "Special Enforcement Team" was specifically created for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Song Baishun lives in Yongshan Subdivision, Luguan Street in Tiexi District /Shenyang City. In the past three years, this man has employed various techniques to torture Falun Gong practitioners, including sleep deprivation, electric shocks, physical abuse, freezing and starvation. He also used the threats and rewards of extending or shortening jail terms to force criminal inmates to attack practitioners.

At the beginning of 2001, Song Baishun organized criminal inmates to attack Mr. Du Jiang, a 31-year-old engineer for Northeast Airline. They deprived Du of sleep 24 hours a day for one month, forcing him to squat on a square tile all the time. As a result, Du's feet became so swollen that he couldn't wear shoes. He even had trouble walking to the toilet without help.

In the winter of 2001, Song Baishun set up a "dark room" inside a warehouse nicknamed "the refrigerator." He forced practitioners Zhang Zhenwu, Chen Song, Zhang Guoyi and Li Manxin to stand for extended periods of time, facing the wall. The practitioners were allowed only 3 to 4 hours of sleep each day. Song Baishun called this "the cold treatment."

In the spring of 2002, Song forced 73-year-old Mr. Qu Fuyi to stay up until 2 to 3 a.m. each day. The next day Mr. Qu would be woken up at 6 a.m. and forced to attend brainwashing classes. After similar mistreatment, Mr. Zhu Shide (nearly 60) and

Song Jiuzhen (72) both suffered high blood pressure. Both Mr. Zhu and Mr. Song were quite healthy before. Now, in addition to high blood pressure, they began to cough and their legs were swollen. They had trouble walking. Despite this, Song Baishun still coldheartedly accused them of faking their symptoms.

On the afternoon on April 30, 2002, criminal inmates assaulted practitioner Teng Yuguo. Alarmed by the noise of the beating, practitioner Wang Shuang rushed to the scene to stop the beating. To punish Wang, Song Baishun used an electric baton to shock Wang on the mouth and cheeks. As a result, Wang's mouth became too swollen to eat anything. After that, Song also punished Teng by refusing to allow him to sleep for a month. Practitioner Wang Liren was also deprived of sleep for nearly two weeks. Wang was also assaulted by the criminal inmates. For a long time, Mr. Wang couldn't even straighten his back. He couldn't even get into bed without help. Similarly, practitioner Dong Yiran was denied sleep for more than 20 days.

On August 2, 2002, Policemen Song Baishun, Chen Wei (Deputy Chief) and several others used four high-voltage batons to shock Zhang Guoyi for more than two hours. Zhang suffered severe burns to his side chest, chest, armpit, stomach and back. His body was covered by blood blisters and bruises.

To insult Falun Gong's founder, Song Baishun ordered that family members of detained practitioners had to trod over a photo of Falun Gong's Founder before they could meet their loved ones in the reception room. In December 2003, practitioners demanded that Song Baishun stop this disrespectful and intolerable practice. They also made it clear that there was nothing wrong with practicing Falun Gong and becoming good people. Together with Chen Wei and four other policemen, Song Baishun took six practitioners at different times to the brainwashing class in the labor camp. They handcuffed the practitioners to a metal bed, and denied them sleep for days. In addition, they used electric batons to shock the practitioners.

Song Baishun's Office phone number: 86-24-25811547

Shi Fengyou, Deputy Chief of the Administration Section, is a sinister and evil man who tortures and deceives practitioners

Shi Fengyou, a 47-year-old man, is the deputy chief of the Administration Section at Zhangshi Labor Camp, in Shenyang City. He is in charge of brainwashing activities. He is sinister and evil, and he is extremely adept at deceit. He often changes his manner from being nice, to being evil in order to achieve his goals, frequently combining torture and persuasion to persecute practitioners.

In August 2001, Shi Fengyou put four bed boards together and fiercely hit Mr. Hu Lin (32, a research fellow in Astrospace Research Institute No. 610). He hit Mr. Hu so hard that he broke the boards. In October 2002, because Hu Lin refused to give his finger print, Shi Fengyou shocked him with electric batons.

In October 2002, Shi Fengyou told some criminal inmates to prevent Zheng Shoujun (A practitioner in his 40s who owns a small business in Shenyang City August First Market) from sleeping. They forced Zheng to squat on a square floor tile. Later they forced Zheng's head between his legs and tied his legs together. Zheng remained in this position for 5 hours. By the time they untied him, Zheng had almost passed out. His feet were so swollen that he couldn't walk.

From late summer of 2001 to the end of 2002, Shi Fengyou also organized several groups to visit Shenyang City's Tiexi Mental Hospital, Shenyang City's Ankang Hospital (a drug rehab center), Fuxin Labor Camp and Masanjia Labor Camp to participate in brainwashing activities against Falun Gong practitioners. He also took note of their persecution practices in Masanjia and applied them in Zhangshi Labor Camp.

At the end of 2002, Shi Fengyou personally used an electric baton to shock practitioner Liu Xianyong, a 28-year-old man from Faku. He also ordered some bad persons to tie Liu's legs backward. To silence him, they put a cleaning rag into Liu's mouth and chained his hands back to a bed rail. Every day they repeated this torture 4 to 5 times, each time for 3 to 5 hours. The torture lasted several days. At the end, Liu was unable to walk for days. They even used the same technique on women. Practitioner Ms. Xia Wen was sent here after serving a full term in Masanjia. After suffering the brutal torture, the nerves in her legs lost all feeling. She also lost control of her bladder. Ms. Li Ailian, in her 30s, is a practitioner from Faku. She was repeatedly beaten and shocked with electric batons by police. Once the police hung her up by the arms for several hours, blocking her blood circulation. As a result, a large area of skin on her arm was dead and sloughed off.

Ms. Wu Yanping (about 40) is a practitioner from Dadong District, Shenyang City. She went on a hunger strike for almost two months to protest the police violence. Shi Fengyou and Xia Cheng (team leader) ordered force feeding for her twice a day. Practitioner Sun Suqin from Jinzhou Industry and Commerce Bank went on hunger strike for over a month. Once she almost died after being force fed with high concentration salt water. Other practitioners persecuted during the same time include Ms. Qi Jingru from Kangping Hotel (in her 40s) and Ms. Zhang Jie (about 50), a clerk at Dalian Commodity Inspection Bureau. Police deprived Zhang Jie of sleep. They also tortured her with extended squatting, tying up of her legs, physical punishment and humiliation over a period of three months.

Zhangshi Brainwashing Class showed no mercy, even to handicapped practitioners. In the summer of 2003, practitioner Shi Shengying (in her 60s) from Tiexi District was diagnosed with insufficient cardiac blood circulation and frequent unconsciousness as a result of the torture she received in the Masanjia Labor Camp. Before that, Ms. Shi had a permanent disability from a car accident. After she was released on medical parole, the police again sent her to Zhangshi brainwashing center before she fully recovered. In Zhangshi, she suffered more torture. Several times, she suddenly fell down and lost consciousness, suffering from several head injuries. After more than a month of torture, she nearly died. Only then the police asked her family to take her home. In another case, police severely beat up Guo Jing, a blind teacher. As a result, Guo felt dizzy and numb on her head. She had difficulty talking and raising her arms. She was imprisoned for over two months, and she held a hunger strike for over 20 days. At the same time, police in the brainwashing center also drove Ms. Liang (in her 60s) to suffer from a mental breakdown due to the torture she received despite her physical handicap.

Shi Fengyou: 86-13309888036 (Cell)

The brainwashing center phone number: 86-24-25363870, 86-24-25811634

January 27, 2004