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Falun Dafa Practitioners Hold Press Conference in Taiwan to Condemn Unreasonable Arrests in France

February 10, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom net) Between January 24 and 27, 2004, French police unlawfully arrested Taiwan practitioners visiting Paris. On the afternoon of February 3, 2004, a press conference was convened to denounce the illegal conduct by certain French government officials, who were responsible for the arrest of innocent Falun Gong practitioners by police in the streets of Paris. Unfortunately this conduct ensued because of the desire to carry favor and maintaining business interests with China. The practitioners filed a lawsuit against the respective French government officials, charging illegal arrest, detention, injury, distress, and infringement on freedom of expression.

The practitioners reproved the conduct of certain French officials who became participants in Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Gong in exchange for economic benefits. They accused the officials of playing with power and acting against the law in illegally arresting over 30 Falun Gong practitioners.

Hung Chi-Hung, secretary of the Falun Dafa Society in Taiwan announced that an appeal letter was delivered to the French Institute in Taiwan, France's de facto embassy in Taipei. This letter is a formal accusation against the French police, who followed "orders from above" against their conscience. They also abused their power granted as "keepers of the peace" to arrest Falun Gong practitioners. He called for the French government to initiate a fair and unbiased investigation, make public the truth, discipline the responsible officials, and apologize to the affected Falun Gong practitioners. Only thus can France redeem their image in the international community and show respect of universal human rights. They delivered an open letter to the French government, together with a letter co-signed by human rights lawyers from eight countries of the following regions, Europe, America, and Asia, addressing such an unbecoming incident for a country that espoused human rights. In the letter, the lawyers asked the French government to treasure the history of their country, the spirit of freedom and the foundation on which their country was built on. They urged the government to initiate an investigation immediately.

Falun Gong practitioners have requested L. L. Forster, the French human rights lawyer to sue, on behalf of the affected practitioners from different countries, all those French policemen and all other involved parties. Falun Gong practitioners' sole intention is to maintain human rights, freedom, humanity, and dignity.

It is known that Forster's Jewish mother's name is on "The Schindler's" list and was fortunate to be rescued. Forster identifies with Falun Gong practitioners plight and volunteered his services free of charge. He agreed to take all those government officials associated with the illegal arrest, detention, injury, distress, and infringement on freedom of expression to court.

During the press conference, the practitioners presented a video of the incidence on the streets of Paris. They were seized by a great number of policemen, rounded-up like cattle and violently pushed around. The police was very rude to these foreign visitors and didn't care about their safety. Some female practitioners, when using the rest room, were not allowed to close the door. A mother, after being arrested, was not allowed to contact her 12-year-old child. Appallingly, when the police released the practitioners, they were taken each to separate places, leaving them in the snow to find their way back to the hotel, knowing fully well the that they didn't speak the language.

According to local Chinese, the Chinese consulate has been spreading rumors in France, calling Falun Gong a dangerous group. The French police were armed to the teeth to handle innocent visitors with no criminal records. Dozens of policemen were sent out with batons in their hands and they treated the practitioners violently. When practitioners asked why they were arrested, most policemen said, "It is an order from above."

Professor Ming Ju Zheng of Taiwan University said it is hard to believe that it actually happened in Paris. Some French government officials allied themselves with the dishonorable Jiang Zemin and associates because of business interests. Such behavior is an insult to the national spirit of France that is based on freedom, equality, and humanity.

Professor Ming said, that at this time Jiang Zemin and his associates are being sued in 16 countries worldwide for crimes of "genocide," "torture," and "crimes against humanity." Canada has listed Jiang and other 14 officials of the Chinese Communist Party as perpetrators of atrocities against Falun Gong practitioners. Should any of them visit Canada, prompt investigation would ensue by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

In order to conceal their crimes and to inflame hatred, Jiang and his associates have resorted to all kinds of methods, including slanderous picture displays, flyers that contain defamatory and hateful information, so-called religious delegations to other countries, and media propaganda. All these tools are used to spread lies about Falun Gong. Even embassies in different parts of the world are aggressively pressuring and poisoning people.

Written by Clearwisdom Net reporter from Taipei on February 5, 2004