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In a Few Words: As One Whole Body

December 09, 2004 |  


Teacher said, "Dafa disciples are one body." (Lecture on the Fa at the U.S. Midwest Conference)

If we as a whole all had this pure righteous thought, this persecution would no longer exist. Our practitioners all should have righteous thoughts, and we should not be persecuted. If we could form a strong righteous field, the dark minions would have no gaps to take advantage of, no place to escape to, and this tribulation would be finished in an instant. But, as a whole, we still have a lot of individual shortcomings. For example, I often could not hold myself to a higher standard and strict requirements. When I heard or saw practitioners being persecuted, I showed indifference and could not deal with it with righteous thoughts. These are the gaps where the dark minions live. Showing indifference to the persecution of practitioners is an indication of "selfishness" and an acknowledgement of the evil's persecution. Taking a step back, we can see that it is fear that interferes with our righteous thoughts. If we all follow Falun Dafa's requirements at all times, in all places, in everything we do, and with every thought, the evil would not dare to persecute us. They would escape as fast as they could, and they would be eliminated in an instant.