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Ms. Liu Yingfu is Persecuted to Disability for Refusing to Become a Secret Agent

December 07, 2004 |   By Liu Yingfu


My name is Ms. Liu Yingfu and I am 58 years old. I live in a suburb in Chongqing City. Because Jiang's faction persecutes Falun Dafa, the local police officers forced me to write a statement guaranteeing that I would not practice Falun Gong and I would turn in my Dafa books. Afterwards, they tried to get me to become a secret agent. Because I refused their demands, they took me to a brainwashing center. Their persecution of my mother-in-law caused her death. The police officers asked my relatives to monitor me and the harassment never ceased. As a result, I eventually became disabled and unable to take care of myself.

I had the good fortune of discovering Falun Gong at the end of October in 1995. When I finished reading the precious book Zhuan Falun in one sitting, I instantly realized that this is the path I must take. I resolutely quit other Qigong practices, and began practicing Dafa (the Great Law).

However, after July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime slandered Dafa and Teacher, and persecuted Dafa practitioners. Four or five fellow practitioners from our village were forced to turn in their Dafa books and to go to Section One of the Public Security Bureau for "self-examination" every day. The police officers believed that I was "the person in charge," so they put extra pressure on me to try to force me to write a "Guarantee Statement," and tried to force me to turn in my Dafa books.

Soon after, my younger brother, who worked for the Public Security Bureau, invited me out for dinner. I attended and found that other police officers were also there. After the meal, a police officer said to me, "I heard your family has hardships. How about this: you provide us with some information about Falun Gong. The practitioners will not suspect you so you are the most suitable person. We will not harass you and I will give you several hundred yuan every month." I understood that they wanted me to be their secret agent, so I answered with determination, "I will not do such an immoral thing, and I will not take this dirty money."

On January 19, 2001, many fellow practitioners and I were taken to the brainwashing center. In order to target the practitioners, the 610 Office personnel first found out every practitioner's situation. For example, for practitioners with family members who did not support Falun Gong, they persuaded the family members not to deliver clothes and living necessities etc. For practitioners with young children, they taught the children to kneel on the ground, until practitioners complied with their requests. They even deceived the elderly people in the family to kneel down together, until practitioners agreed to "not practice." The police would say to the practitioners in front of their relatives, "You say people who practice (Falun Gong) are good, but you don't even comply with your relatives." The elderly family members were moved and pleaded endlessly, saying, "If others knelt to me, I would consent to their requests."

They threatened practitioners who have school children by saying, "If you practice Falun Gong, then your children won't have a chance to go to a university, even if they are qualified." They videotaped us, and deceitfully substituted one thing for another to make TV programs that defame Falun Dafa. Those vicious people even ordered others to read us slanderous newspaper articles, in an attempt to weaken our faith in Dafa. Moreover, they knew every practitioner's financial situation and forced us to pay 15 yuan per day for living expenses. They asked practitioners' workplaces to send out two people every day to help them try to persuade us. For non-working practitioners, they called their family members. The relatives cried as soon as they arrived, making quite a scene.

My husband died, and I lived with my 80-year-old mother-in-law. I was helping her take her medicine when the police officers came to arrest me. My mother-in-law instantly knelt on the ground and begged them, "Can you please let her stay until I get well?" However, the police officers arrested me anyway. Since then, my mother-in-law often cried over my situation. I was illegally held in the brainwashing center for more than four months. I did not renounce the practice, but instead became even more steadfast.

I returned home in May. Not long after that, my mother-in-law died because she could not bear the suffering and injustice. My younger brother, who worked in the local police station, was ordered to harass me almost every day because I did not agree to be their secret agent. If he saw practitioners at my home, he threatened us, "I will send you all to the public security bureau."

Due to the constant persecution and pressure, I have become disabled and rendered unable to take care of myself, but my consciousness and mind are still clear. All my suffering and hardships have been caused by Jiang Zemin and his followers. Now I am clear as to what I am supposed to do. I must do the three things well according to Teacher's Fa: study the Fa well, clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts.