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Details of the Death of Fang Decheng, a Practitioner from Anshan City, Jilin Province (Photo)

December 07, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Fang Decheng was thirty-seven years old. He was born in Sanxing Village, Wanlong County of Meihekou City, Jilin Province. He worked at Molishenghui Inc. in Anshan City, Jilin Province. On July 20, 2004, Mr. Fang died as a result of the persecution.

Fang Decheng moved to Anshan City in 1993. He lived with his sister, Fang Guilian, and her husband, Wang Qingzhu. In December 1998, the three of them started to practice Falun Dafa. After the persecution of Falun Gong began, in October 1999 Mr. Fang and his brother-in-law went to Beijing to appeal to the higher authorities on behalf of Falun Gong. They were illegally detained. In 2001, Fang Decheng and his brother-in-law were abducted at a truth-clarification materials distribution center. After they were released, the local police started to harass and threaten them at their home. In 2002, Mr. Fang and his brother-in-law had to quit their jobs and leave home in order to avoid further persecution. Meanwhile, they set up another truth-clarification materials distribution center.

Zhao Naijin, director of the Politics and Laws Committee of Anshan City and a member of the Anshan City 610 Office, instigated people to escalate the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in the area. Therefore, on midnight of July 20, 2004, Wang Lefu, head of the Politics and Protection Department of the Lishan Police Station, Zhang Chengguo, head of the Politics and Protection Department of the Qianshan Police Station, together with Qu Fenghai, director of the Shahe Police Substation, along with police officers Sun Baoku, Li Xiaoguang and others, secretly surrounded the building where Fang Decheng lived. They illegally used a master key to open the door to Mr. Fang's room. Mr. Fang tried to escape by tying several sheets together and use them as a rope to climb out of a window and down the side of the building. Tragically, the sheets tore and Fang Decheng fell to the ground from the fifth floor.

However, the police didn't immediately notify his family about what happened. More than two weeks later, they asked Mr. Fang's friend to pass the news of his death to his family. Meanwhile, they tried to cover up their crimes. They inserted needles into Mr. Fang's hands and feet to make it look as if he had received acupuncture treatment. Then they told his family to refund them eight thousand yuan in medical fees. They lied to Fang Decheng's family, claiming that he jumped off the roof and committed suicide. Mr. Fang's neighbors who witnessed what happened said that when Mr. Fang fell to the ground, his collarbone and arms broke and it looked as if his internal organs were badly damaged. However, initially the police didn't allow Mr. Fang to be taken to the hospital. Later when they did, Fang Decheng died on the way to the hospital.

People and departments involved in the persecution of Fang Decheng:

Zhao Naijin, the Director of the Politics and Law Committee of Anshan City; Phone: 86-412-5532392

The Anshan City Public Security Bureau; Phone: 86-412-5534692

The National Protection Branch; Phone: 86-412-5534692

The Public Order Department; Phone: 86-412-2223595

Zhang Chengguo, Head of the Politics and Protection Department of the Qianshan Police Station. 86-412-6300388 (Home), 86-13304203199 (Mobile)

The Lishan Police Station; Phone: 86-412-6614358 and 86-412-6641588

Wang Lefu, Head of the Politics and Protection Department of the Lishan Police Station; Phone: 86-412-6632635

The Shahe Police Substation; Phone: 86-412-6983042