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Practitioner Yang Guang in Changchun Is Cruelly Tortured and Imprisoned in the "Naked Area" of Jilin Prison

December 27, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Yang Guang is a Falun Dafa practitioner in his fifties from Changchun City, Jilin Province. Because he upheld his belief in Falun Dafa, authorities illegally sentenced him to a long prison term. The seventh office of the Changchun Police Department attempted to extort a confession from him by cruelly torturing him. Police beat and tortured him, and eventually broke his right leg. Mr. Yang's thigh bone became numb and he was paralyzed. Police carried Yang on a stretcher when they moved him to the Jilin Prison and put him in the Elderly and Disabled area of the prison. His right leg is paralyzed, and his toes have festered. Though he is in his fifties, Mr. Yang looks very old and terribly thin, with a head of gray hair. He has now completely lost his ability to look after his own daily needs.

Authorities have recently imprisoned Mr. Yang in the "Naked Area" of the prison, where they do not allow him to wear any pants. Because the authorities paralyzed the lower half of his body, some inmates made a small wheelchair-like cart for Mr. Yang to sit on and go to the bathroom with. The small cart is made of wood, a few iron rods, and four wheels; in the middle there is a washbowl-shaped hollow circle for him to defecate through. Every time Mr. Yang needs to go to the restroom, inmates push him there and leave him unattended. Since the cart is made with wood on all four sides, Mr. Yang cannot wipe himself, which is terribly smelly and miserable. All year long, he was forced to live in this "Naked Area" with inmates made psychotic with torture, and with inmates who had completely lost their ability to live independently. These living conditions are horrible. Mr. Yang has only 60 centimeters (about 24 inches) of space to sleep in, and he is fed terrible food. When it is his turn to take a bath, he is left in the bathroom without help, and with only a shower hose to randomly spray his body.

All kind-hearted people around the world: please reach out your hands and save this innocent and good person.

Government organizations and officials responsible for the persecution of Mr. Yang:
The Judicial Department of Jilin Province: 86-431-2750233, 86-431-2750217
The Prison Management Bureau of Jilin Province: 46-1 Xinfa Road, Changchun City, Jilin Province, Zip: 130061
The Appeal's Office of the Prison Management Bureau: 86-431-2750074. Head: Tel: 86-431-2750001, Secretary Xu: 86-431-2750003, Yu De: 86-431-2750018
Prison Political Office: 86-431-2750062

Judicial Bureau of Changchun City:
Director: Li Lin 86-431-8964216 (Home), 86-138043116671 (Cell)
Associate Director: Zhen Sikuan, 86-431-2706618 (Home), 86-13504456555 (Cell)
Other responsible officials:
Liu Hanxin: 86-431-8988169 (Home), 86-13500822237 (Cell)
Lang Lin: 86-431-5966889 (Home), 86-13804326844 (Cell)
Ge Baoquan: 86-431-8631188 (Home), 86-13843107755 (Cell)
Liu Ximing: 86-431-8692573 (Home), 86-13351503306 (Cell)

The Jilin Prison of Jilin Province: 100 Junmin Road, Jilin City, Zip: 132012
Or mailing address: Mail Box 315, Jilin City, Zip: 132012
Main telephone number: 86-432-4881551
The Prisoner Political Office: 86-432-2409418
The Prosecutor Office in the Prison: 86-432-4881515; Fax: 86-432-4881559
Secretary's Office: 86-432-4881559

Police officers in Jilin Prison responsible for the persecution:
Head of the Jilin Prison: Li Qiang 86-432-4881551 ext.3001, 86-13843218517 (Cell)
Liu Changjiang: 86-432-4881551 ext.3003, 86-13904429905 (Cell)
Wang Yufan: 86-432-4881551 ext.3006, 86-13804413837 (Cell), 86-432-4883619 (Home)
Zhao Xinchao: 86-432-4881551 ext.3008, 86-432-4882313( Home)
Political Committee Head (newly appointed): Liu Wei
Education Office Head (newly appointed): Li Zhuang
Officers in the Education Office: Li Yongsheng, Wang Yuanchun