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Information about Tang Fangfang, the 12-Year-Old Daughter of Deceased Falun Dafa Practitioner Wang Fengqin

December 21, 2004 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China's Shandong Province


Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Fengqin was from Yantai City, Shandong Province. On the evening of January 26, 2003, she was unlawfully arrested by Zhifu District police while distributing Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. She was tortured to death after only two days in the detention center. The following is some background information on Tang Fangfang, her daughter who survived her.

Name: Tang Fangfang
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Residence: Family Quarters of Zhuji Zhangyu Glassware Factory
School enrolled in: Class No. 2, Fourth Grade, Fenghuangtai Elementary School in Yantai City

Tang Fangfang, who is 12 years old this year, attends the No. 2 Class of the fourth grade at Fenghuangtai Elementary School in Yantai City, Shandong Province. She lives with her father Tang Junli. Mr. Tang is employed at Zhuji Zhangyu Glassware Factory in Yantai City.

Mr. Tang's wife Wang Fengqin was only 39 years old when she was killed. She was an employee of a seaweed company. On the evening of January 26, 2003, she went to the employees' living quarters next to the Yuhuangding Guest House to distribute Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. Police in Zhifu District arrested her and later sent her to the Nanjiao Detention Center in the southern suburb of Yantai City. She was beaten to death around January 28, 2003, but her family was not notified until February 7, when they were told that she had died from "a heart attack." Her family went to a tent set up temporarily at the Dongxishan cremation center to view the body, which was kept in a freezer. Her mouth was wide open and both of her arms were stretched out. Her goose down coat was missing. She was in her underwear, and her skin that was not covered by the underwear had turned black. Scars were visible on her wrists, clearly indicating where she had been handcuffed. It was a horrific sight.

December 1, 2004