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Additional Information about the Death of Practitioner Zhang Sixi from Ningxia Province

December 02, 2004 |  


Mr. Zhang Sixi was a Falun Gong practitioner from Heping Village, Shatang Township, Delong County, Ningxia Province. At the end of May 2003, Zhang went to drop off a supply of paper used to make truth-clarification materials. However, he was followed along his way and was arrested in Lingwu City by Li Cun, Zhang Anzhong and others from Division One of Yinchuan City Police Department. During his detention, police from Delong County Police Department and Guyuan City Detention Center all participated in persecuting Zhang. Du Weihai, section chief of Delong County Police Department, beat Zhang's head many times, and for three months he did not inform Zhang's family of his detention location. As a result, Zhang's family could not deliver clothes to him and he had to suffer from being cold due to lack of warm clothes.

While in detention, because of the torture, Zhang suffered from dizziness and numbness of the limbs. Later he was transferred to Wuzhong Prison. He was found to have unusually high blood pressure. After the hospital failed to cure his symptoms, the prison had a doctor and six policemen send him home in a hurry, because they did not want to take the responsibility should he die in the prison. At that time, Zhang was already partially paralyzed, and his blood pressure was 250mm. Six months after returning home, he passed away.

Responsible parties:

Division One Chief Li Cun of Yinchuan City Police Department: 86-13909591266(Cell)

Division One Deputy Chief Zhang Anzhong of Yinchuan City Police Department: 86-951-6915120 (Home), 86-13909571157(Cell)

Division One Section Chief Du Weihai of Yinchuan City Police Department: 86-954-6013119 ext. 3136 or 3135 (Office), or 3156 (Home)

Instructor: Wen Xiaolin

Guyuan City Detention Center

Wuzhong Prison Deputy Political Commissioner Liu: 86-13007939868(Cell)

Wuzhong Prison Education Section Chief Yin Zineng: 86-13014222058(Cell), 86-953-2661041 ext. 3010(Office)

Ningxia Province Prison Administration Bureau Li Wei: 86-951-6193017 ext. 8027