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Mr. Wang Jinbo's Life Is in Imminent Danger Due to Persecution at Zhangyanggou Labor Camp

December 13, 2004 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Jilin Province

(Clearwisdom.net) On November 13, 2004, when Wang Jinbo's family went to visit him, they found out that he had been transferred from Unit 5 to Unit 4. Mr. Wang was carried into the meeting room on someone's back. The family asked what had happened, and Wang replied that his legs were numb, he 'couldn't walk, and he was' short of breath.

Several days after Wang's family members returned home, they called the Unit 4 leader Yu Tie and asked him, "Why didn't you send him to the hospital or notify us? Who should take responsibility if something goes wrong?" They also requested that Wang Jinbo be released for treatment. Yu Tie resisted, saying, "Wang is fine. If you want to send him to the hospital you have to pay. Otherwise we can't release him. And you have to provide for the transportation." Then he hung up the phone.

Wang's family members went to Wang's company, the Yitong County Branch of China Construction Bank, and requested that they provide transportation, money, and personnel to get Wang. The president, Li Zhixue, refused all requests. Wang's relatives went to him again, and he finally agreed to provide transportation. Minghui (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) reported detailed information about Yitong County Construction Bank's persecution of Wang Jinbo over the last few years on October 7, 2004''.

Wang's family worried about his health, and they went to the labor camp on November 18. Wang's family provided the transportation, and per the labor camp's request they took money along to the Jilin Province Prison Management Central Hospital. Wang's family members had to carry him. Four different examinations revealed that Mr. Wang had a lung infection, rapid heartbeat, a cyst in the brain area, and blood abnormalities. The doctor said that they had to pay a 3,000-yuan deposit for Mr. Wang's hospitalization.

The family requested that the labor camp authorities release Wang for treatment at home, but their request was rejected.

Main number of Changchun Zhaoyanggou Labor Camp: 86-431-4835680

Labor camp director's office: 86-431-4835680 ext. 8001, and 86-431-4835680 ext. 8002

5th Unit: 86-431-4835680 ext. 8052

(Note: Wang Jinbo has been transferred to the 4th Unit. When making a phone call, please ask for the 4th Unit. The unit leader is Yu Tie.)

Zip code: 130031

Changchun City's District People's Examination:

Labor Examination phone number: 86-431-4666751 ext. 3418

Zhaoyanggou Labor Camp Examination Room

Gao Jiqing and Liu Hongyin: 86-431-4835680 ext. 607

Jilin Province Yitong County Construction Bank:

President Li Zhixue: 86-434-4222542(Office) 86-434-6217266(Home) 86-13904356332(Cell)

Vice President Wang Fuliang: 86-434-4222663(Office) 86-434-4224504(Home) 86-13943497505(Cell)

Vice President Cheng Lidong: 86-434-4222668(Office) 86-434-4225558(Home) 86-13904354655(Cell)

November 25, 2004