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The Persecution of Huang Zhufeng at the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province

December 12, 2004 |   By Huang Zhufeng, a practitioner from Gaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China

(Clearwidom.net) When I was put into the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp on September 12, 2001, I started a hunger strike to protest this persecution. After nine days in the labor camp hospital I started to take food. About 20 days later I was sent to the New Arrivals Group in Division No. 5, Subdivision No. 3.

The new arrivals in this group were under strict supervision. Whatever I did, including going to the toilet, eating or doing the required military drills, I was always scrutinized. I was also prohibited from talking and was often bombarded by the brainwashing efforts of those people who had become collaborators. Except for team activities, practitioners could only stay in their rooms for the most part. The brainwashing was geared to get us to renounce Falun Gong and write the "Three Statements." We were encouraged to be an "elite" by "going with the flow," and so on. Everyone knew that Falun Gong was good. I recognized that these things were preparation for forcing us to give up cultivation later on when our mind became fuzzy under threats, duress, pressure and temptations.

Almost four months later I was transferred to the "Close Supervision Team." Every morning after personal hygiene I could only sit alone on a small wooden stool until eleven o'clock in the evening. Occasionally I was sent out for brainwashing. In May and June of 2002, the labor camp authorities ordered some of the closely supervised practitioners to undergo punishing physical exercises outdoors. We were forced to run in the sun for the whole morning without rest and start up again after lunch. Early in August, Li Yuandong, Lin Qinrong and I were designated to undergo brainwashing at a team in the No. 2 Division, Shenzhen City, set up specifically for supervising Falun Gong practitioners. Since I didn't give up Falun Gong, I was sent back to the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp.

In December, the labor camp authorities sent closely supervised Falun Gong practitioners, two or three at a time, to the No. 2 Subdivision to undergo forced "reformation." On December 21, several people suddenly handcuffed, blindfolded and pushed me into a car. When we arrived at the destination I was dragged out of the car. Those people surrounded me and beat my body viciously. I loudly pointed out that their actions were illegal, but they didn't stop. I struggled at full strength until I was tortured to exhaustion. The police present included Zhang Wujun and Lu Jinhu. Then I was grabbed by some people and taken to a room on the third floor with my eyes still blindfolded. They handcuffed me. Zhang Wujun ordered somebody to take off my socks and gag me with them and then they shocked me on the neck using an electric baton.

Later on, three or four police officers took turns shocking me with electric batons, attempting to force me to give up my belief. When Lu Jinhu asked me if I would "reform," I didn't speak. He then ordered someone to put a coat over my head, then violently twisted and shook my head, saying that it was to let me become clear-headed. They did that four times, with each time lasting about four minutes. My neck hurt terribly. Lu Jinhu then said that the twist needed to be adjusted; thus my neck was moved even more out of place. In the days following I couldn't fall asleep and couldn't move my head when reading because of the excruciating pain in my neck.

The next day, Zhang Wujun again shocked me with electric batons and again attempted to force me to "reform." Meanwhile, I was forced to squat and two guards were ordered to pull on me in opposite directions, with Zhang shouting "Put out more effort!" Each time it would last about 30 seconds. After three or four times of such torture, I seemed to be breaking apart from the extreme pain. From then on, my left shoulder was very painful and I couldn't lift my arms.

On the morning of December 23, Zhang Wujun, Lu Jinhu and some other policemen on duty took me to a corner. They put a quilt on the ground, stripped me, bound my legs with a pair of pants and handcuffed me. Then they shocked me with four or five electric batons for a long time. During the process, they force-fed me with water. Zhang Wujun even had my mouth pried open and stuck an electric baton into my mouth to shock me. Later on, he insanely shocked me on the head, chest, armpits and ears. The whole process lasted about two to three hours. Not long after, I found my urine was red.

Because my body was in such pain, I couldn't fall asleep for two days. I was still forced to squat the whole day and could only go to the toilet twice in 24 hours. Lu Jinhu also treaded on my feet with his boots on. Later on, my feet were hurting from squatting for so long. My neck and left shoulder also were in severe pain. My mouth swelled up with purulence, and both wrists became bloody and raw.

On December 28, Division Head Chen Ruixiong, seeing that my neck was severely twisted and my mouth severely swollen, sent me to the hospital, along with Zhang Wujun. I told the doctor that I could not lift up my left arm. They x-rayed my left shoulder and neck. They cleaned the wounds on my wrists and told me that I should sleep on my back without a pillow. Two days later, I had surgery to reposition my left shoulder. After the surgery, I returned with the arm in a sling. Four days later I still could not lift my arm and the doctor put a support collar around my neck to support it. On January 22, 2003, the labor camp hospital doctor had me hospitalized again.

Early in March of 2003, division head Chen Ruixiong wanted to bring me back to the division. I told him my left shoulder hadn't recovered. The doctor x-rayed my arm again, and found that the bones were still dislocated. (I had repeated surgeries. None of them was successful.) The next day I was injected with an anesthetic and underwent one more surgery. It was still not successful. The third day I was taken to the People's Hospital in Sanshui to undergo more surgery under general anesthesia. Coming out of the operation room, I found that my upper arm was affixed to my body with a soft and stretchy belt, about 3 fingers wide, and my forearm was supported with a gauze strap. On April 4, I was examined in the Foshan Chinese Medical Hospital, and learned that this latest surgery still had not worked. I underwent another surgery. On September 16, I was once more hospitalized in the Foshan Chinese Medical Hospital, where officers from the labor camp told me that my release document had been mailed to Maoming.