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How Fangshan Detention Center in Beijing Tortures Practitioners (Re-Enactment Photos)

December 11, 2004 |  


A practitioner was taken to the Fangshan Detention Center in Beijing for persecution. When she resisted the persecution with a hunger strike, the police cuffed her hands to her feet from behind, keeping her from straightening his back. They stomped on her handcuffs to make them cut deep into the flesh and then force-fed her. After the forced-feeding, they dragged her by the handcuffs, making her fall down onto the concrete floor. Meanwhile, other police just stood by laughing.

Fangshan Detention Center police in Beijing brutally tortured practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong. They forced one practitioner's head between his legs and then tied his head into a position where he faced ahead, which almost suffocated him.

November 11, 2004