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Cai Fuchen of Longjing City, Jilin Province Endures Brutal Torture -- His Paralyzed Father Is Persecuted for Trying to Rescue Him

November 07, 2004 |  


1. Innocently Persecuted for Being a Good Person

Mr. Cai Fuchen, 39, was formerly an official at the Tax Bureau of Longjing City, Jilin Province. Because of his belief in the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," he was illegally arrested in Yanji City by policemen from Yilan Police Station on May 26, 2004. On the night of the arrest, the police tortured him, injuring his legs so severely that he could no longer walk afterwards. However, in the ensuing days, the police continued torturing and mistreating him, and he was later transferred to Yanji City Detention Center. According to eyewitness accounts, Cai Fuchen is physically deformed, unable to eat, and is close to death. However, the police continue to torture him physically and mentally, and continue to stringently censor news on the matter. They do not even allow visits from family members, lest their evildoings become exposed to the light of day.

2. Paralyzed Father Suffers Beating and Torment for Trying to Rescue Son

Jiang's political regime carries out the "policy of implication" (1), which has led to the implication and persecution of Cai Fuchen's family members. His wife was fired from her job, his elderly and paralyzed father was left without support, and his young son lost his loving father. Most importantly, because of Mr. Cai's wife's job loss, the family has no source of income and has fallen onto hard times.

At 10:00 a.m. on October 11, when Cai Fuchen's paralyzed father learned the news of his son's torture-induced illness, he disregarded his own health situation, and with the assistance of family members, arrived at the gate of the Provincial Government Building in Yanbian City with his grandson, where he strongly requested the government to immediately and unconditionally release his son.

Mr. Cai's father hung a sign in front of his chest, saying, "Immediately release my critically-ill son unconditionally," which caught the attention of many passers-by. After learning of the truth of the persecution that Cai Fuchen had suffered, they all stepped forward to condemn the injustice on behalf of the elderly person, by loudly criticizing the inhuman crimes of the local government. The public further expressed their sympathy by offering encouragement and support to the father and the grandson.

However, facing the voices of the masses seeking justice, the Yanbian Appeals Office, which was under the control of Jiang's faction, did not resolve the problem, but instead instructed the police to forcibly disperse the crowd. Afterwards, two policemen came out, dragged Mr. Cai's paralyzed father into the appeals office and inhumanly tormented him. The elderly man lost consciousness, so he cannot recollect how long he was tortured. But when he slowly awakened, he felt unbearable pain throughout his body, and his face, in particular, was badly swollen from being beaten. At 6:00 p.m. that night, the elderly man was sent home by the police of Longjing City's Longmen Police Station. His family members questioned the police about the wounds on his face, to which they replied, "He was already like this when we picked him up at the Provincial Public Security Bureau."

Later, the elderly man recounted, "These policemen not only tortured me physically, but they also humiliated me mentally, and they did not give me food that entire day. They also did not allow me to use the toilet, so I had to urinate in my pants."

(1) "Policy of implication" - In ancient Chinese feudal society, there was an "implication law," which meant that if one person violated the law, all of his family members and friends would be punished. The punishment ranged from exile to the execution of entire families.