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Police In Jilin City Cover Up the Truth about How Dafa Practitioner Mr. Shao Hui Was Murdered in 2002 (Photos)

November 20, 2004 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner from Jilin City

Shao Hui

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Shao Hui was a clinical doctor for the Hongshi Forestry Farm, the Hongshi Forestry Bureau in Huadian City, Jilin Province. Throughout the persecution, he had persisted in practicing and clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. Officers from Jilin's Police Department arrested him on August 2002, and he died the same night, at only 31 years old. The Jilin Police blocked the news and did not inform his family.

Shao Hui's parents searched for messages or information about their son for over two years. The heartbreaking news struck his father so heavily that he almost went blind. His mother took a fall because of her high-blood pressure and had a lumbar fracture that made walking difficult. Shao Hui's parents are exhausted and have severe illnesses. Moreover, they have to raise Shao Hui's son and live a difficult life.

Shao Hui's wife, Mu Ping, was illegally detained in a forced labor camp and suffered all kinds of torture for persisting in her Falun Dafa practice. She was persecuted nearly to death and was just released on October 2003 because the labor camp was afraid to take the responsibility if she died.

Mr. Shao Hui was born in 1971 and graduated from technical secondary school. He started to practice Falun Gong in 1996 and started a practice site at his hometown in 1997. He was kind, and an essential worker in his company. He did not pursue notoriety or money. He usually visited those who were severely ill, and was very popular. At home, he showed filial devotion to his parents. His father-in-law, who was in his 70s, had cancer and later lost control of his bowel function. Mr. Shao took care of him just like his own son would have done, bathing and changing his underwear for him. He was positive and always willing to help others. Friends and relatives enjoyed his company and everyone knew that he was a kind person who practiced Falun Dafa.

Shao Hui's family of three

Shao Hui and his son

Shao Hui used to have a happy family of three. His wife was also a practitioner. His son was smart and sensible. However, since Jiang Zemin started the persecution of Falun Gong, his family experienced tragedy.

On July 20, 1999, the ringleader of Jiang's group arrested people all over the country. The trumped-up news and lies permeated everything through the media. As a Falun Gong practitioner who benefited physically and mentally, to be responsible to the nation, to be responsible to society, Shao Hui and his wife went to Beijing to petition and to clarify the truth to the public. However, at that time the Beijing Appeals Office even took down its signboard. There was no way for them to appeal. The police from the Political and Security Section from the Hongshi Forestry Bureau intimidated the company managers and his relatives to go to Beijing to get the practitioners back. Shao Hui and his wife both escaped with the power of their righteous thought after being arrested.

In September 1999, Shao Hui, his wife and four other practitioners were illegally detained in succession. Various people from the Hongshi Forestry, the Bureau Secretary of the Communist Party Zhang Xuecai, Police Department chief Ma Xijin, Sun Zhiyi, Political and Security Section Heads Liu Mingren, Li Fuwen, Police Station head Zhou Jing and others used all kinds of ways to force practitioners to give up their belief. Deploying "guilt by association" they exerted pressure on the practitioners' work units' leaders, threatened practitioners with incarceration in a labor camp, found relatives to exert pressure, and forced them to view videos that slandered Dafa in an effort to brainwash Shao Hui, his wife and others. None of these tactics could shake Shao Hui and other practitioners' righteous belief. The authorities had to finally release them.

The police station personnel listed Shao Hui as "monitored." They restricted his freedom, suspended his ID, monitored his home and wiretapped his phone. When a "sensitive day" arrived, he would be summoned into a brainwashing center. He was forced to hand in a fee as a "guarantee;" if he refused, they would deduct it from his salary. Thus, he was no longer allowed to have a normal home and work life.

In April 2000, persons from the Political and Security Police Station suddenly intruded into Shao Hui's home and confiscated many items. They not only grabbed and took away Dafa books, but also took away some personal belongings. They also detained the couple.

In November 2000, perpetrators from the Hongshi Forestry Bureau plotted to send steadfast practitioners to a labor camp. Shao Hui and his wife were arrested again on November 21, 2000. The deputy head of the detention center, Wang Ruiqing, physically and verbally abused him. Just because one criminal sat in a double leg posture, Wang Ruiqing accused Shao Hui, who was detained in the same cell, for teaching him Falun Gong. He dragged Shao Hui out and brutally beat him, also using a torture instrument. The criminals in the same cell felt this to be unfair. During that period, Shao Hui was extorted to "confess" by being brutally beaten, physically abused and not allowed to sleep. This was by orders from vice squad police officers Fang Weimin, Li Changyu and two other officers. He was forced to squat for almost 20 hours.

In December 2000, Shao Hui and his wife Mu Ping were both sentenced to three-years in a labor camp, in violation of the Chinese constitution.. Shao Hui was sent to the Jilin Province's Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp. What practitioners faced in that camp every day was not only physical suffering, loss of freedom, forced heavy labor, and unreasonable verbal abuse, but coercion to give up their belief and pressure to act against their conscience. Those things are what destroy a person mentally. To reach the so-called "conversion quota," the police imposed all kinds of excruciating sanctions and meted out severe physical punishment on practitioners: brutal beatings, shocking with electric batons, sleep deprivation, food deprivation, and much more. One kind of bench is made of 3-5cm battens. Some Dafa practitioners' buttocks developed infected sores from prolonged sitting on this bench. During this long-term persecution, Shao Hui's body was covered in scabies. The sores on his forehead left deep indentations.

In December 2000, practitioners from Huanxiling were transferred to the Jiutai City's Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp for even more intensive abuse and mistreatment under the persecution. The excruciatingly painful abuse in the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp included tortures with names like, "White Dragon Baton," "Wolf Teeth Stick," "Willow Whip," "Electric Baton," "Hard Rubber Hose," "Tiger Bench" and others.

During February and March 2002, the guards subjected steadfast practitioners to brainwashing. At that time, the "pa, pa" sounds from beatings and the guards' abusive language were audible every day. Practitioners were beaten black and blue. Some had bone fractures, some had ruptured tendons. It was too horrifying to see. A guard threatened Shao Hui then, while he suffered excruciating pain on a table. By the end of February, a Dafa practitioner was beaten to death. Faced with this situation, Shao Hui discussed with fellow practitioners that they should not passively stand for this any longer. He decided to escape to frighten the evildoers.

On March 21, 2002, Shao Hui escaped from the labor camp. The Jiutai Forced Labor Camp guards sent out lots of people to look for Shao Hui. They searched practically every family's home in Jilin City that knew Shao Hui, but failed.

Shao Hui's successful escape frightened the evildoers and encouraged the fellow practitioners who were still in the middle of the tribulation. His former division did their best to search for Shao Hui but failed. Shao Hui's parents and relatives were ruthlessly harassed. The police also tried to arrest Shao Hui's wife, Mu Ping, but failed because of the resistance from his family. Then they forced Mu Ping to report to the Police Station to assist with the arrest. Mu Ping refused. Mu Ping had just been released from the labor camp and was then quite weak.

On the tenth day of Shao Hui's escape, Mu Ping was sent to the labor camp for further persecution in violation of the constitution. The perpetrators were Zhang Xuecai, Zhang Qing, Zhou Jing and others. The police from "610 Office" had arrested Shao Hui's sister Shao Zhen in June 2002 for making Dafa truth-clarifying materials. She was sentenced to prison for 12 years.

After escaping from the labor camp, Shao Hui was forced to wander from place to place. Nevertheless, he kept using all manner of ways to tell the truth, as usual.

In August 2002, officers from the Jilin Police Station traced him to a rental apartment at the Second Geology building in the Fengman District in Jilin City. A fellow practitioner who was with Shao Hui at that time jumped from the seventh floor and became disabled. Shao Hui was killed in that apartment! To cover up their crime, the Jilin Police blocked the news and didn't inform any relatives.

This once happy family was relentlessly persecuted. Once again, ringleader Jiang and his followers are responsible for the destruction of a once happy family. Another young life is gone because of this persecution.

We appeal kind people all over the world to lend a helping hand. Together we can stop this catastrophe in China.

Attached related phone numbers:

Address for the Hongshi Forestry Bureau in Huadian City, Jilin Province:
Huadian City Linjiang Street, Zip Code: 132405; phone: 86-432-6886723

Hongshi Forestry Police Department, Huadian City, Jilin Province,
Huadian City Linjiang Street, Zip Code 132405; phone: 86-432-6887331
Political Section: 86-432-6886431; Legislation section: 86-432-6886330
Political and Security Section: 86-432-6887753; Security Team: 86-432-6886444
Vice Squad: 86-432-6886457; The Detention Center 86-432-6886004;
110 Trooper Team 86-432-6886455
The first police station: 86-432-6886254; second police station: 86-432-6886817
Maoshan Forestry Farm Police Station: 86-432-6767328
Bandianzi Forestry Farm Police Station: 86-432-6732108
Erdaogou Forestry Farm Police Station: 86-432-6745892
Baishan Forestry Farm Police Station: 86-432-6773177
Police team leader's office: 86-432-6885037; 86-432-6885017
Hongshi Forestry Prosecutor for Jilin Province
Huadian City Linjiang Street, Zip Code 132405; phone: 86-432-6886245
Reporting Center: 86-432-6886412
Hongshi Forestry Bureau Employee Hospital
Huadian City Linjiang Street, Zip Code: 132405; phone: 86-432-6887011

Jilin "610 Office" - 86-432-2010610, 86-432-2010612
Jilin Police Station address: Beijing Road 51, Zip Code 132011; fax: 86-432-2454682
Central switchboard: 86-432-2409221;
Manager's public phone: 86-432-2409110; 86-432-2488110
Office: 86-432-2454682 Legislation Sector: 86-432-2409004;
Police Monitoring Sector: 86-432-2409110

Huadian City Xinhua Elementary School, Changanxi Hutong, Zip Code: 132400; phone: 86-432-6222264