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Falun Dafa Practitioner Zhou Shufen's Family from Anqiu City, Shandong Province Is Broken Apart by the Persecution

November 11, 2004 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Weifang, China

(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Zhou Shufen. I am 63 years old. My husband's name is Su Xiaoyou, and he is 64 years old. We reside at Xingshan Village, Wangjiazhuangzhi Town, Anqiu City, Shandong Province.

We attained Falun Dafa in 1997. Before the practice of Falun Dafa, I suffered from high blood pressure, cataracts, and hyper-osteogeny on my two legs. Whenever I walked, my feet were painful beyond endurance. After practicing the Falun Gong exercises, all the symptoms disappeared, and we were very happy to be illness free. Especially my husband, as the pressure on his legs from the protrusion of the intervertebral disc made it very difficult for him to sleep at night. He had always said, "It would better to die than to be in this condition." We used all kinds of medications, which brought no relief. However, after practicing Falun Gong, all the maladies were miraculously cured.

We have three daughters who are all married. My oldest daughter, Su Baolan, 34, resides at Shirenpo, Shidui County, Anqiu City. My second daughter, Su Baoyun, 32, resides at Wangjiajingyang Village, Zhaoge County, Anqiu City. My youngest daughter, Su Baoli, 27, resides at Lijia Gucheng Village, Wangjiazhuangzhi Town, Anqiu City. After they saw us benefit so much from practicing Falun Gong, they also joined us one after another in learning the practice. When our whole family was happily practicing Falun Gong and greatly benefiting from it, on July 20, 1999 Jiang Zemin, out of his personal jealousy, started the large-scale persecution of Falun Gong. Deceived by the lies, Su Zhaosheng, the former Party secretary of our village, and Han Fuben, the former Director of Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation, illegally broke into our house. They arrested my husband and took him to the Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation on the same day. On July 22, they arrested and detained me at the same place. My husband and I were detained at the Wangjiazhuangzhi Police Substation for eight days before we were released to go home.

On August 29, 1999, Han Fuben from the Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation, along with several policemen, broke into my youngest daughter's home. When they didn't see Su Baoli at home, they assumed that she had gone to Beijing. She was actually out running some errands. As a result, the policemen came to my home to force and threaten my husband to tell them about Su Baoli's whereabouts. My oldest daughter, Su Baolan, found Su Baoli at our relative's home. She told Han Fuben where she was. After Han Fuben found Su Baoli, he was still not satisfied. He arrested my husband and Su Baoli, and took them to the Wangjiazhuangzhi Police Substation, where they were detained for ten days. Su Baoli was still nursing her baby. During their detention, my husband and Su Baoli suffered severe persecution. Later, they were illegally detained at the Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation many times.

Since the police were unreasonable, on October 11, 1999, our entire family, including my husband and I, our three daughters, and our little five-year-old grandson traveled with my second daughter to Beijing to appeal against the persecution of Falun Dafa. In Tiananmen Square, we found that the police and plainclothes police agents were arresting and beating Falun Dafa practitioners everywhere. We lost sight of each other and could not find our three daughters. My husband and I went to a village at Tong County in Beijing, where we saw many practitioners who also went there to appeal for Falun Dafa. On the ninth day, my husband and I were arrested by the police and were taken back to Anqiu City, where we were detained illegally for fifteen days. During the detention, we found out that our three daughters and our grandson were arrested on the third day after they arrived at Tiananmen Square. Our three daughters were detained by the Anqiu policemen for fifteen days, and our grandson was taken home by a family member. After fifteen days, my husband, our three daughters, and I were detained at a forced labor camp, where we were detained for thirty days. During our detention, the police forced us to watch a video defaming Falun Dafa, and they attempted to force us to give up our belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." We were not allowed to do the Falun Gong exercises, and whenever we did the exercises, the police tortured us with electric batons. They forced us to stand for a long time and to do slave labor. During our detention at the Anqiu Labor Camp, the Anqiu Public Security Bureau extorted 2,400 yuan from my son. He did not practice Falun Gong and was studying at Jinan City. After we returned to our village and had just arrived at home, Su Zhaosheng again illegally detained us for five days. In total, we were detained by the police for fifty days as a result of going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa.

When we returned home, we found the house door sealed and the lock changed. A witness told us that the next day after we went to Beijing, Su Zhaosheng from Wangjiazhuangzhi Town and six to seven people pried the door open and broke into our house. They confiscated our personal belongings such as a black and white TV set, a grinder, a small cart, a motorcycle, several hundred yuan, including ten cent bills and coins, and a bank deposit of 2,100 yuan with a five-year term that was due very soon. They confiscated all our valuables.

After this illegal break-in, Su Zhaosheng and Han Fuben ransacked our place several times again, and they extorted money from us. They used various means to harass, threaten, and coerce us before they arrested and tortured us in prison.

Han Fuben took away our Falun Dafa books, Teacher Li's lecture tapes, videotapes, exercise instruction tapes, VCDs, and three tape recorders.

Su Zhaosheng cut off the electricity to our home. When our son came home from Shandong University during the Spring Festival, he saw that we were in a miserable situation. He went to see Su Zhaosheng, to have him turn on the electricity. Su Zhaosheng made use of the visit to extort 1,000 yuan from my son before he had the electricity turned back on. Later, when we went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa in June 2000, Su Zhaosheng cut off our electricity again and it remains shut off.

In March 2000, Han Fuben and Li Jingpo, the person in charge of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, who is now the Deputy Director of Shidui Town Police Substation of Anqiu City, broke into my home and arrested my husband and I. They detained us at the Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation, where Yang Chunfan and Huang Wenzhen were also held. The four of us were detained at Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation for 25 days.

In June 2000, my husband and our third daughter, Su Baoli, went to Beijing to appeal again. They were arrested at Tianjin and again detained at the Anqiu Labor Camp. During their detention, they went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Five days later, they were released. After they went back to Wangjiazhuangzhi Town, my husband and Su Baoli were detained by Han Fuben for 28 days. (In order to prevent Falun Dafa practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, the police check all the buses at major intersections going to Beijing. All the passengers are forced to curse Teacher Li and Falun Dafa. Anyone refusing to abide by this would be arrested immediately. They are persecuted after being detained, and the police do not release them until the supervisors at their workplace comes to confirm that they are not Falun Dafa practitioners.)

In August 2000, Su Zhaosheng, Li Jingpo, and Xiao Zhang broke into my home to take us to the police substation. We refused to go, so the police called someone in Wangjiazhi Town. Several minutes later, Zhou Wenhe, the person in charge of persecuting Falun Dafa at Wangjiazhi Town, led several people to break into my home. Zhou Wenhe burned three copies of Zhuan Falun in public. After that, a group of policemen handcuffed my husband and I, forced us into the police car, and held us at the Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation. After that, they abducted Su Baoli and took her to the same place. My husband, Su Baoli, and I were illegally detained for thirty days. They again transferred my husband from Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation to the Anqiu "610 Office." After being tortured and brainwashed for one month at the Anqiu "610 Office," they transferred my husband from the brainwashing center to Changle Labor Camp, since they failed to achieve their purpose. They sentenced him to three years of forced labor. Su Baoli and I were detained at the Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation for about 61 days. We were released because our lives were in danger as a result of a hunger strike.

In October 2000, my husband was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. During the labor camp term, he was tortured to the brink of death. In October 2000, when my husband was illegally put into the labor camp, the police asked my husband: "Do you still want to practice the exercises?" My husband answered: "Yes!" The police instigated approximately eight prisoners to hold my husband down to the ground with his chest facing the ground. Two prisoners held down his legs, another two held down his hands, and one prisoner held down his head while the rest of the prisoners took turns beating my husband with a triangular belt, and a leather belt from a walking tractor. They first beat my husband on his thighs. Then they beat him above his knees. Each time they beat him, they asked him: "Do you still want to practice?" If my husband said yes, they beat him more severely. In order to force my husband to give up "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance," the prisoners beat him on the bruised area where they had beaten him before so that the flesh would fester. When they found him unconscious, they beat him on a different area. They repeated this method of torture until my husband was beaten up from his knees to his thighs, his buttocks, back, shoulders, and later his neck. They broke the waist belt, and the triangle belt had become smeared with flesh and blood. His entire back was in tatters. Three years later, when my husband was released from the labor camp, the scars on his back are still clearly visible. The black and blue marks are evidence of Falun Dafa practitioners being tortured by Jiang's regime.

In Autumn 2000, after my husband was sentenced to the labor camp, Su Zhaosheng confiscated our grain ration field. They also confiscated the field belonging to my in-laws. My in-laws are highly respected people in the village, and they do not practice Falun Gong. They are in their 80s, and my husband is their only son. Su Zhaosheng confiscated the fields to cut off our financial resources.

In 2001, while we were preparing for the Spring Festival, Li Jingpo, Jiang Jixue, Xiao Du, Xiao Yu, and others broke into my home. They arrested me and took me to the Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation. I left the police substation and went to the home of my eldest daughter, Su Baolan, at Shirenpo at Shidui Town. Li Jingpo came to my daughter's home to arrest me again and take me home, and I said: "I won't go." Li Jingpo threatened that if I did not go, they would break down the door. Afraid of implicating my daughter, I said, "Even if I have to go home, I won't go in your car." My eldest son-in-law drove me home on his motorcycle while Li Jingpo and the other policemen followed closely. After going home, I found the workers from Wangjiazhuangzhi Town government, Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation, Xingshan Village, along with a dozen policemen living in my home to monitor me and limit my personal freedom. They did not allow me to leave my house, and did not allow me to work in my own field. I had no other choice, so on the third day, I escaped from my home using my righteous thoughts. Since then, I have lived a homeless life.

I am in my 60s. Because we believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance," my husband was illegally sentenced to the forced labor camp, my eldest daughter was tortured to death, my second daughter was illegally sentenced to the labor camp, and my youngest daughter was arrested and detained, and the police has extorted over 30,000 yuan from us. Finally, we had to live a homeless life for two years. This was all done through the Jiang regime's lies to demonize Falun Gong.

In Autumn 2003, when my husband returned home from the labor camp, he went to clarify the truth to the newly appointed Party Secretary, Su Xiannuan. When my husband was in the labor camp, he knew Su Zhaosheng had confiscated all our grain fields. They were not returned to us until today. After Su Xiannuan knew the truth, he immediately returned our grain fields, but one plot still has not been returned to a family member. In September 2004, when we wrote about the persecution of our family, the grain field was still not returned, but Su Xiannuan returned our motorcycle to my husband. The bank fixed deposit that was confiscated by Su Zhaosheng has not been returned to us.

I will briefly mention the persecution suffered by my three daughters:

My eldest daughter: Su Baolan, 34, resided at Shirenpo, Shidui Town, Anqiu City. She was determined in practicing Falun Dafa, and went to Beijing to clarify the truth and expose the lies fabricated by the Jiang regime. One evening in July 2000, Su Baolan, Su Baoyun, and several other practitioners went to a town in Gaomi City to hand out truth-clarifying materials. They were arrested by the local police and were handcuffed at the police substation. On the same night, they walked out of the police substation using righteous thoughts. One of them escaped when she went to the washroom by climbing over the wall with the handcuffs on. The other practitioners were kept under more intense surveillance and were handcuffed to a fixed object. At midnight, when the policemen fell asleep, her handcuffs suddenly opened, and this practitioner made use of the chance to walk out of the police substation. She went in the direction of Anqiu. When it was daylight, these two practitioners met each other, although they had never been to Gaomi City and were unfamiliar with the place. They knew it was Teacher who took very good care of them, and protected them on their way home. On the same day, they returned to Anqiu.

Su Baolan was arrested and detained several times by the Shidui Town Police Substation. During her detention, she was transferred from Shidui Town Police Substation to the Anqiu "610 Office," where she was tortured for thirty days. Since they still did not achieve their purpose of forcing her to give up Falun Gong, the officers transferred her from the "610 Office" to Anqiu Labor Camp. Su Baolan went on a group hunger strike with other fellow practitioners to resist against the persecution, and several days later, they left the labor camp by using their righteous thoughts.

The police of Anqiu City often came to my eldest daughter's home to harass, threaten, blackmail, extort money, and force her to give up "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." With no other choice, Su Baolan left home in February 2001 to avoid arrest and led a life of homelessness. In August 2001, when she went home to visit her parents, husband, and children, she was arrested by the Public Security Bureau and the "610 Office." She was again detained at the Anqiu "610 Office" brainwashing unit. Since Su Baolan was determined not to cooperate with them, they intensified their efforts in persecuting her. One month later, Su Baolan's corpse was discovered at Shanhe Village, Anqiu County, Anqiu City. The case of Su Baolan death is being investigated.

(Note: For detailed information of Su Baolan's death, please refer to Clearwisdom.net report on October 22, 2002 "Practitioner from Shandong Province was Tortured to Death")

My second daughter Su Baoyun, 32, resides at Wangjiajingyan Village, Zhaoge Town, Anqiu City. Since she is steadfast in her Falun Dafa belief, she has been arrested many times by the police from Zhaoge Town Police Substation and detained at the Zhaoge Police Substation. Each time she was abducted, she was held for several months. She was tortured, brainwashed, and threatened, and in October 2000, she was detained at Jinan Female Labor Camp and sentenced to three years of forced labor. She has a five-year-old child left unattended.

My third daughter, Su Baoli, 27, resides at Lijia Gucheng Village, Wangjiazhuangzhi Town, Anqiu City. Since July 20, 1999, when the persecution of Falun Dafa began, she has been arrested several times by Han Fuben and Li Jingpo from the Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation, and detained at Wangjiazhuangzhi Police Substation. Since her family members do not practice Falun Dafa, they cooperated with the officials to interfere with Su Baoli. They did many things to aid the persecution of her, as they were influenced by the police and the lies fabricated by Jiang's regime. Su Baoli had to leave home, and stayed in a room rented by a practitioner. On October 28, 2000, she was arrested by Li Shenghua and Jia Zaijun at Anqiu City, and was detained at Anqiu Labor Camp for sixty days. The police extorted over 30,000 yuan from her family. In order to pay the sum of 30,000 yuan, her husband borrowed money from their relatives and friends. However, it was still not enough. He had to sell his wheat. Su Baoli was again arrested and detained twice in the spring of 2003.

Persons and Units Responsible:

Anqiu City, Post Code: 262100
Anqiu City Anti-Cult Office, Ge Jiang (Team Leader): 86-536-4251510
Anqiu City "610 Office": 86-536-4396609
Song Yunqing, male, 50 years old, 86-536-4266618 (Home)
Zhang Jinxiao (Team leader who often tortured Falun Dafa practitioners), 86-536-4228721 (Home), 86-536-4368610 (Office)
Zhang Yuanting (labor camp guard who often force-fed practitioners), 86-536-4261032 (Home)
Ma Xiyan: 86-536-4261779 (Home)
Li Shenghua, Anqiu City Public Security Bureau, Dashiliu Village, Songguantong Town (he often arrested Falun Dafa practitioners): 86-536-264901, Postal Code: 262100
Jia Zaijun, (he often threatened Falun Dafa practitioners): 86-536-4266239 (Home)
Su Zhaosheng, the former Party Secretary of Xinghan village, Wangjiazhuangzhi Town, Anqiu City, Postal Code: 262105

Han Fuben, Director of Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation
Li Jingpo, the Deputy Director of Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation
Zhou Wenhe, Secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee of Wangjiazhuangzhi Town
Wangjiazhuangzhi Town Police Substation: 86-536-4750110, Postal Code: 262105
Shidui Town Police Substation, Anqiu City: 86-536-4700024, Postal Code: 262103
Zhaoge Town Police Substation: 86-536-4710011, Postal Code: 262115