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Seven Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Illegally Tried in Court in Tai'an City, Shandong Province after Being Savagely Tortured

October 09, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On September 15, 2004, at 8:30 a.m., the Taishan District Court in Tai'an City illegally held an investigative court session against seven Falun Dafa practitioners. These seven practitioners are Mr. Zhao Weidong, Ms. Song Furong, Ms. Ju Beibei, Ms. Song Qi'ai, Mr. Hou Qingyuan, Ms. Luu Xia and Ms. Ju Xiaotong.

Zhao Weidong, Song Furong and Ju Xiaotong were abducted on June 24, 2004 by Weihai City police and Tai'an City police that were following Ju Xiaotong. Ju Beibei, Song Qi'ai, Hou Qingyuan, and Luu Xia were abducted on July 4 by Tai'an police. They were incarcerated in the Feicheng Detention Center, the Tai'an Detention Center and Xintai Detention Center, respectively.

During the morning of September 15, when the court started the session, Song Furong, Ju Beibei, Song Qi'ai, Luu Xia, and Ju Xiaotong were either carried or supported into the courtroom by three policewomen. When Ju Xiaotong was escorted from the Xintai Detention Center to the Taishan District Court, she was on oxygen accompanied by two physicians. It was clear that she was on the verge of death. The other four practitioners are extremely weak physically. They had been tortured so severely that they were barely able to breathe and were emaciated. Prior to the court session, all of them were injected with unknown drugs. Song Furong, Ju Beibei, Song Qi'ai, Luu Xia and Ju Xiaotong were unable to speak out one sentence from the beginning to the end of the court session. Zhao Weidong and Hou Qingyuan kept clarifying the truth to the audience and the court police during the court session. The police frequently interrupted them.

There were more than 100 people making up the audience, but the seven practitioners' families were not notified and therefore were not in attendance. The courtroom spectators were made up primarily from the different government departments of Taishan District.

After the hearing ended at noon, the seven practitioners, including Zhao Weidong, were sent back to their original detention centers. When the practitioners were initially abducted, a person in charge of Politics and Law in Tai'an City declared, "We will not let them to go home, even if they die!"

The personnel who took part in the persecution and their phone numbers: (country code: 86)

Huang Longhua: Deputy Secretary for the Tai'an City Party Committee (in charge of Politics and Law)

Yang Zhonghai: A member of the Tai'an City Party Standing Committee, Secretary of Tai'an City Politics and Law Committee

Zhang Shuyou: Head of Tai'an City Public Security Department

Meng Xiuqin: Deputy Secretary of Tai'an City Politics and Law

Qi Keyin: Deputy Chief for the Domestic Safety and Security team of Tai'an City Public Security Department, a main perpetrator in the persecution of Falun Gong

Guo Qianmei: Deputy Secretary for the Taishan District Party Committee (in charge of Politics and Law), 538-8224697, 13905488599 (Mobile)

Qin Guanghe: Secretary of the Taishan District Politics and Law Committee, 538-8268560, 538-8211352, 13011778975 (Mobile)

Wang Shuchun: Deputy Secretary of Taishan District Politics and Law Committee,
head of the "610 Office," 538-8335201 538-8227176, 13805485636 (Mobile)

Qi Zihai: Head of the Taishan District Public Security Department, 538-8223814 Ext.2001, 538-8229566, 13053858501 (Mobile)

Li Dianqin: Chief Prosecutor for the Taishan District Prosecuting Office.
538-8238220, 538-8224581, 13805488087 (Mobile)

Wang Shujie: Head of the Taishan District Court, 538-8223907, 538-5388699, 13805485636 (Mobile)