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Thoughts After Reading Teacher's Article, "In Fa-Rectification Your Thoughts Have to be Righteous, Not Human"

October 08, 2004 |   By a Beijing Practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) After reading on the Internet that Jiang may step down during the Fourth Plenum of 16th CPC Central Committee, I paid close attention to see what developed. Even though Teacher gave me hints during this time, I still could not let go of my attachment to the hope that Jiang would abdicate.

Today when I woke up, I was fortunate enough to see the article on the Clearwisdom website that Teacher commented on. After reading the article, I knew Teacher was pointing out our mistaken understanding of this issue. However, even though I knew I was wrong, I did not know where I had gone wrong. I even thought to myself, "Of course everyone would be happy if Jiang resigned. This is what we all want." Furthermore, when I read Teacher's words about "strong human thoughts," I did not understand how to get rid of these human thoughts. I also thought that, since I am still in human society and I am still human and still have many selfish attachments and other notions, how could I look at these things with a cultivator's way of thinking?

Because I could not understand where I was wrong, I re-read Teacher's comments several times. After reading them for the third time, I came to the words "What's happening is that the cosmos is going through Fa-rectification." Then I suddenly realised that not only did we think about the issue of Jiang stepping down with human notions, but during our cultivation and Fa validation many practitioners, like me, had been too focused on the changes and representations in the human world. If we were everyday people it would be natural to pay attention to such changes in society; but as cultivators we have disappointed our Teacher. Teacher does not only want us to become good people in human society; he wants us to be divine beings responsible for the elements of the cosmos. Looking back at my actions and notions, I felt extremely ashamed.

The "cosmos is going through Fa-rectification." As Teacher's disciples, we cannot simply hope for the persecution to end. What is more important is that we should validate the Fa in the human world and save sentient beings. The human dimension is only one part of Fa-rectification. As cultivators, if we place our focus on manifestations occurring in the human world, aren't we being myopic? Haven't we placed ourselves too low? How can we eliminate the evil with our powerful righteous thoughts if we have such attitudes?

In the past, I understood that I am saving sentient beings by clarifying the truth. I also understood that sending righteous thoughts is eliminating evil. Only today, however, do I have a deeper understanding about Fa-rectification. I remember before, when similar things happened, Teacher would write an article pointing out our attachments. At that time, I only looked at it from the point of view that a cultivator needs to eliminate these attachments and tried to suppress my attachments to hoping for a political change. I never understood the root of the attachment.

Actually, it is not about how we should eliminate these attachments. It is about the fact that we should not even have these attachments. Would a god who is capable of eliminating evil in another dimension be hoping that Jiang would step down in the human world and therefore change the environment for practitioners? This attachment shows that we have not done Fa-validation well and our righteous thoughts have not emerged.

Our benevolent Teacher has suffered so much for us. Why do we still have so much selfishness and so many human notions? I am writing this article to remind myself as well as other practitioners with attachments similar to mine. Hurry up, we should not hesitate. If we do not demonstrate the decisiveness and determination that Falun Dafa practitioners should have, how will we step out of human notions?