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Demonstration of the Torture Technique "Stewed Chicken with a Bent Neck" Used in Zhangshi Education and Reformation Camp (Photos)

October 05, 2004 |  


The torture technique "Stewed Chicken with a Bent Neck" was used on Zheng Shoujun on September 27, 2001, on the third floor of a small building in Zhangshi Education and Reformation Camp in Shengyang City. The persons responsible for this torture include Police Officer Shi Fengyou, responsible for brainwashing sessions at the camp, and Cheng Diankun, the party secretary and vice dean of the camp.

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Figures 1 to 9 show the torture technique "stewed chicken with a bent neck," illustrated by Shengyang City Falun Dafa practitioner Zheng Shoujun, who was subjected to this frightening and painful torture during his imprisonment at the camp.

Zheng Shoujun describes the torture process:

At 7:30 a.m. on September 27, 2001, seven or eight "assistants," actually inmates following the orders of Police Officer Shi Fengyou and Vice Dean Cheng Diankun from Zhangshi Education and Reformation Camp, tried to brainwash me. I refused to cooperate with them. They started to beat me brutally. I warned them sternly that these despicable tactics were against the law. They became very angry and knocked me down to the ground. During the struggle, my feet were cut by a piece of metal, my socks were torn, and my feet were bleeding.

In the end I was held down on the floor under a metal table. They first placed my legs flat on the floor. About four people pressed hard on my feet with my legs at a 30-degree angle. I could not move at all. The rest of the perpetrators tied my neck to the calves of my legs and then started to press my back down. I am a large man and weigh about 200 lb, with a big belly. When I sit naturally my upper body can barely maintain a 90-degree angle from my legs. In this torture, they pressed my upper body so hard that it lay flat against my lower body. My belly was squashed so that it protruded unnaturally from both sides of my body. My neck and my feet became a straight line. Then they tied my neck and feet together with a bed sheet, so I could not raise my body at all. Both my face and belly touched the floor. My hands were tied behind my back.

They constantly kicked my legs and asked me, "Do you still want to practice? If you do, we will keep you tied." I replied, "I'll still practice even if my bones are smashed into powder!" At that time I felt that all my bones really had broken, and the pain reached such an extreme that I felt as if 10,000 knives were stabbing into my body. All my clothes were soaked with sweat. A big puddle of sweat also accumulated on the floor. The police in the Zhangshi Education and Reformation Camp induced these "assistants" to commit such evil deeds with promises of "reduction of jail term" and "leniency" as incentives.

I was left in this posture for three and a half to four hours, until lunchtime at 12 noon, by which time I had lost the ability to move. I could not move even after they had untied me. All over my body, even the slightest touch was painful, but they continued to kick, pinch, and beat me and then violently tried to separate my upper body from my lower body. During the process of separation, I felt excruciating pain, as if my heart and lungs were being torn apart, and I nearly passed out. The pain was beyond description. Afterwards, I could not walk normally for three months. My feet and legs had dislocated, with the undersides of my feet facing up. I needed another person to support me when I walked.