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Enslaved Falun Dafa Practitioners Forced to Work on Preparations for Olympic Games

October 31, 2004 |  


Falun Dafa practitioners detained in Changle Labor Camp were forced to plant trees and dig ditches along the Jinan to Qingdao Highway as part of infrastructure improvements underway to prepare for Qingdao's participation in the 2008 Olympics. From March 30 to April 5, 2004, the administration of Changle Labor Camp sent detained practitioners to the center of Huangfu Village in Changle County (along the Jinan to Qingdao Highway) to dig holes, plant poplar tress, and dig ditches for the 2008 Olympic Green Belt.

Practitioners who were forced to work included those over 60 years old. Due to long-term malnutrition, poor living conditions, heavy labor, and being forbidden to study the Fa or do the exercises, many practitioners felt very weak. Some of them had begun to practice Falun Gong as a way to improve their health, and being denied the freedom to practice was having a negative impact on them. Police shouted at them to work quickly, telling them that the hard work would help them "transform" (i.e. give up their belief).

They were all exhausted from being overworked. Many of them had never done such hard physical labor in their lives. Policeman Liu Xing-an, a key person in charge of No.2 Ward, reprimanded practitioners for working too slowly. Policewoman Ding Guihua, in charge of No.2 Ward, was involved in killing practitioner Liu Shuchun. She insulted practitioners, saying they could not do the work because they had learned Falun Dafa.

Practitioner Mr. Wang Cheng from Zhucheng City, Shandong Province has a sick wife and child at home that need his support. Police forced him to buy a pair of new shoes to wear for the forced labor, without considering his difficult financial situation.

People understand the Olympic spirit to embody courage and nobility, calling the Olympic flame a "sacred fire" passed on to humans by the gods. Jiang and his regime have tainted this spirit by torturing Falun Dafa practitioners in preparing for the Olympic Games.

We call on the International Olympic Committee to investigate this incident.