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The Names of Falun Dafa Practitioners from Jieyang City, Guangdong Province Illegally Sentenced to Prison and Forced Labor

October 31, 2004 |   By a practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) In May of 1992, Jieyang City in Guangdong Province became a new developing city made up of several counties: Jieyang County, Puning County, Jiexi County and Huilai County. In Guangdong Province, at least eight practitioners have been directly persecuted to death, fourteen practitioners have been illegally sentenced to imprisonment, at least sixty practitioners have been illegally sentenced to "re-education through forced labor", two practitioners have been taken to the Guangdong Province Legal Sanction Center and three thousand practitioners have been detained or sent to the brainwashing center over the past five years.

At present, the practitioners still held at Jieyang City Detention Center are: Mr. Huang Huajie, Ms. Huang Lizhi, Ms. Zhong Liena, and Ms. Cai Hanhua. These practitioners were sentenced to "re-education through forced labor". Practitioners from other areas are also detained at Jieyang City Detention Center.

1. The names of practitioners sentenced to imprisonment:

In addition, several practitioners from Huilai County have also been given illegal sentence terms, but their names are unknown.

2. The names of practitioners sentenced to forced labor camps:

Practitioners from Rongcheng:

Mr. Lin Shaotao, Mr. Sun Jiefeng (sentenced twice), Ms. He Aidi, Ms. Chen Peihua, Ms. Zheng Jiefang, Ms. Zhang Yanzhu, Ms. Wu Rongrui, Ms. Huang Lixiang, Ms. Huang Liqing, Ms. Lin Xuejun, Ms. Yuan Yinying, Ms. Huang Huajie, Mr. Lin Qing, Ms. Yuan Lina, Ms. Li Rujiao, Ms. Yuan Danjiao, Ms. Xie Jieli, Ms. Lin Xiaohe Ms. Liu Ziyun, Ms. Wang Hui, Ms. Li Meizhen, Mr. Zhong Hejiang, Ms. Zhong Liena, Mr. Xing Peisong, Ms. He Shaojun, Ms. Huang Lizhi.

Practitioners from Dongshan District:

Mr. Liu Shaopeng, Ms. Cai Hanhua, Mr. Huang Shaoyong, Mr. Lin Weihua, Mr. Chen Hongyuan, Mr. Lin Yanping, Mr. Huang Jianmin.

Practitioners from Jiedong:

Ms. Wu Meiping, Mr. Xie Xibo (sentenced twice), Mr. Li Jielong, Mr. Huang Donghe, Mr. Huang Chunhan, Mr. Huang Guiquan, Mr. Huang Shaopeng, Mr. Xie Huiliang, Mr. Gao Yanpeng, Mr. Yang Yanguang, Mr. Chen Lixiong, Mr. Yang Zhuangkai, Ms. Wu Jingjuan, Ms. Wang Yanna, Ms. Wu Rouxiang, Ms. Yang Xizhi, Ms. Zhang Xiwei, Ms. Yuan Xiaolan, Ms. Lin Fengchan, Ms. Ma Meichan, Mr.Yang Xibo.

Practitioners Mr. Xu Xieqia and Mr. Wu Shaoqin from different areas were taken to the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp.

Practitioners from Puning:

Mr. Wang Sutong, Mr. Wu Xiyuan, Mr. Wu Liqing, Ms. Ji Jitong, Ms. Xu Jingchuan, Mr. Mu Hong, Mr. Xu Jianhua.

Practitioners from Huilai:

Mr. Fang Weixiong, Mr. Yang Xingning, Ms. Wang Huihua, Ms. Weng Peijun.

Practitioners from Jiexi:

Ms. Li Meihong, Ms. Li Xuelan, Mr. Wang Zishan, Mr. Wang Weibin, Mr. Ruan Baoming, Ms. Wen Fenhua.

Ms. Chen Wenzhu from Rongcheng District, and Ms. Huang Xiuqing, Ms. Zheng Shaoqing and Ms. Wen Fenhua from Jiexi were taken to the Guangdong Province Legal Sanction Center in Sanshui area for brainwashing.