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How the Longshan Forced Labor Camp Has Tortured Many Falun Dafa Practitioners to Death

October 20, 2004 |   By a practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) On February 27, 2002, I was abducted by the police because I practice Falun Dafa. A month later, I was transferred to the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, where many Falun Dafa practitioners are imprisoned because of their belief.

When I started my detention at the labor camp, an extraordinarily steadfast Dafa practitioner told me about how Mrs. Wang Hong died from the persecution in this labor camp. Wang Hong was deprived of sleep for days. As a result, she became mentally disoriented and was very weak. To avoid taking responsibility for her serious condition, the labor camp sent her back home. Mrs. Wang died shortly after returning home, due to kidney failure.

Mrs. Wang Xueyan, from Huludao City, was a person with whom I used to work. She was forced to do heavy labor at the camp. Although she had already been through menopause, she started having her period again and it continued for a long time. The Longshan police guards knew about her condition, but ignored it. They forced Mrs. Wang to work every day despite her poor health, for almost six months. Knowing that her condition was deteriorating day by day and understanding her situation, her relatives strongly urged the labor camp authorities to have her checked into a hospital. In the winter of that same year, and less than a month after she was checked in, this kind older woman died at the hospital. Longshan Labor Camp is fully responsible for her death.

Mrs. Wang Xiuyuan, fifty-two years old and from Shenhe District, was constantly beaten and verbally abused at the labor camp. Once, the deputy head of the No.2 Division, Tang Baoyu, struck her so hard that her head hit the radiator and bled profusely. The bleeding could not be stopped. To cover up their crime, the labor camp authorities did not allow her relatives to visit her, stating that Mrs. Wang had a behavior problem. Under this pretext, her relatives could not visit her. Wang Xiuyuan went on a hunger strike to protest this injustice until she was on the verge of death. The police finally sent her back home and she died within a week.

This type of persecution is common at the Longshan Forced Labor Camp: they will torture a practitioner to near death, and when the practitioner shows no signs of recovery, the labor camp authorities will send them home. Afraid that practitioners might die there and wanting to get rid of any responsibility for their deaths, they send the practitioners back home or dodge responsibility using other methods.

Mrs. Wang Yu, Lu Changqing and other Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution after practitioner Gao Rongrong's face was disfigured. Wang Yu has been on a hunger strike for more than one month. The labor camp still refuses to let her relatives visit her. Her relatives could not just sit there and let the labor camp illegally and brutally torture her to death. Many of her family numbers went to the labor camp around October 1 and asked for her unconditional release. The labor camp refused and even claimed, "If Wang Yu continues the hunger strike, her detention time will be extended."

Now, her family members are traveling to Beijing during the October 1 National Holiday to call for the most basic of human rights -- the right to live.

I hope that Dafa practitioners can send righteous thoughts and support fellow practitioners Gao Rongrong, Wang Yu and all others who were severely tortured at the Longshan Forced Labor Camp.

Partial list of phone numbers for the Longshan Forced Labor Camp:

Operator 86-24-24760033
Tang Chenguang, Labor Camp Chief 86-24-24761749
Song Yugui 86-24-24761223
Li Fengshi 86-24-24761224
Zhang Feng, The Labor Camp Chief Assistant: 86-24-24761225, the general number 86-24-24761734

Office General number: 86-24-81018666
Den Yang, Political Division: 86-24-24761747
Fang Hong: 86-24-24760033