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My Experience Being Tortured in Miyun Prison, Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp and the Jilin Public Security Hospital (Photos)

October 15, 2004 |   By Zhu E, a practitioner in Jilin City


Pictures in this article were taken after the fact: Zhu E and other Falun Gong practitioners re-enacted what happened to them during their detention.


On October 25, 1999, I was illegally abducted for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and tell the government the truth about Falun Dafa. I was taken to Miyun Prison in Beijing City. A police guard brutally beat me and swore at me, so I said with compassion, "We cultivate Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, do exercises, and try to be good people. You should not violate the law while enforcing the law." He said, "We enforce Jiang Zemin's law." After that, he stripped off my clothes, searched my body, and punished me, making me squat down for a long time with both feet together. When I could not bear it any longer and almost fell over, I sat down and did the fifth exercise, the sitting meditation. Upon seeing that, several policemen rushed over to me. They held me down to the ground and put their hand-made handcuffs and shackles on me. The rusty handcuffs and shackles weighed at least forty pounds, and my hands were cuffed behind my back. The policemen removed my shoes and I was dragged to a stone-filled yard where I was forced to walk continuously in my socks. When I slowed down, a large, tall, policeman came over and kicked me in the back. I knelt on the ground and could hardly rise to my feet. I walked for several hours in total, until I could no longer move. Then, two policemen dragged me by the arms and ran in the yard, my feet scraping along on the ground. I was too weak to resist. They did not stop until they were too tired to move forward and ran out of breath. At that time, my socks were shredded away and my legs were covered with broken skin. The handcuffs and shackles deeply cut into my flesh; my feet were badly mangled. Even so, they did not remove the handcuffs and shackles for six days. I could not sleep, eat, or even use the washroom. And it also happened to be during my menstrual period, so I was in unbearable misery for six entire days without any sanitary napkins, tissues, or other protection. Later, I was taken back to the detention center in Jilin City. By then, my feet were so rotten that the bones were exposed, accompanied by sharp pain, as though a knife were cutting into the flesh. I had difficulty walking for six months. Even today, there are still deep scars on my feet.

Shocked with electric batons

On May 13, 2000, all the practitioners detained in Team Four of Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp went on hunger strike, protesting the illegal detention and persecution. Because of this, the labor camp intensified the persecution. Yue Jun, director of the Administrative Section, together with some guards, tied the hunger-striking practitioners to spring beds. They inserted rubber tubes into practitioners' stomachs while shocking their neck, mouth, and bodies with electric batons. The bed bounced up and down when the practitioner was shocked. Sparks were flying everywhere. The practitioners' lives were in danger all the time. Practitioner Du Hongfang was almost suffocated to death. She couldn't help crying. At the time, the sound of using electric batons, cries, screams, and the sound of vomiting echoed in the clinic's corridor. Yue Jun came up to me and said, "You are the only person that I know. I'll start with you today." He then shocked me for about three hours. Big blisters appeared on my body and neck, and my sweater was burned and in tatters. But then he even stripped my sweater off, tied me to the iron bed and shocked me for quite a while. I saw darkness in front my eyes and could hardly bear the pain.

In July 2000, a new round of forced brainwashing started. In order to achieve a 100% so-called "transformation" rate, Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp brutally beat Falun Gong practitioners. With rubber hose and wooden clubs in hand, the team head imposed all kinds of punishment to the unshakable Falun Gong practitioners. The whole labor camp was covered in terror.

One day, the guards tried to coerce me to read a book slandering Falun Dafa. I refused to read it. A guard then punished me by making me stand with the book raised above my head for three days, over two hours a day. My arms ached and cramped, but resolutely I refused to read it. On the fourth day, Zhang Guimei, head of the guards, called me to the office and asked me why I did not read it. I told her that my Teacher's name was on it and I did not read things slandering my Teacher. Then, she picked up two electric batons and began to shock me with them simultaneously. She put one of them on my face and the other on my body. At the same time, she threatened me, "Open your eyes and look at the sparks." I could hardly open my eyes at the moment, and my mouth was watering due to the shocks. I was shocked for a whole morning but I did not yield to the persecutors. She was scared and furiously beat me with the electric batons and then said, "Get away!" My blisters burst because of the beatings and dirtied my clothes. When I walked out of the office, my face was burned and misshapen due to the swelling. My eyes became slits that I could hardly open. On seeing this, many practitioners were scared to tears. In the evenings, my body and face ached as if they were burning. I could not fall asleep, and had to sit up and hold my face. I couldn't remember how many times I had suffered from similar shocks from electric batons.

So-called "disgusting treatment"

In August 2000, Zhang Guimei gave orders to conduct the so-called "disgusting treatment". She called the steadfast practitioners to a small warehouse and told us to sit in the full lotus position on the ground, with our hands behind our backs. We were forced to sit for eight hours a day, motionless. We were not allowed to move even if we needed to use the washroom. Zhang Guimei and some criminal detainees watched over us. Team head Li Xiaohua shouted, "Shock whoever moves with electric batons." Several of us had blisters on our legs. Some practitioners' legs were very swollen, and others began to vomit, with sweat and tears streaming down together. It was too painful to bear. When practitioner Wang Xiufen moved a bit, several team heads, including Guan Wei and Li Xiaohua, dragged her to the front, beat her with fists, kicked her, slapped her in the face, and then pushed her back to sit again. We were forced to sit for three days, and in the end, we could no longer walk due to the pain.

In December 2000, several practitioners who did not yield to the persecutors were gathered in a cell. The walls of the cell were covered in slogans defaming our Teacher. We tried to reason with the police and prevent them from doing so. However, the team head and police guards rushed towards us and dragged us to their office. All staff in the Administrative Section showed up. Police guards Guan Wei and Wang Jing, together with about five policewomen, beat me. At the same time, they shocked me for a long time with electric batons. In order to prevent us from talking, they sealed our mouths with tape. Then they cuffed our hands behind our backs, and attached slogans slandering Teacher to our bodies. Wu Xiuqin from Baishan was taken to the office next. She immediately tore the slogans from our bodies. The police cuffed her hands behind her, onto a bed. A policeman shocked her with electric batons. They tortured us the entire afternoon. After that, they let me go back to my cell, but put Wu Xiuqin and He Huaguan in solitary confinement for nearly a month. The next day, I tore a vicious slogan into pieces. Because of that, they hung me above the door for over ten hours, during which I was not allowed to use the washroom. When they released me in the evening, my hands and arms had become horribly swollen. My hands could not hold a fist and were in extreme pain. Nonetheless, they still forced me to do labor.

Brutal forced-feeding


Public Security Hospital

At the end of November 2001, I went on a hunger strike to protest the ten-month illegal detention. The guards started to brutally force-feed me. Several guards pressed me down and inserted a rough rubber tube into my nose. I coughed very violently and could not breathe. When they 'fed' me, food went in through my nose but was vomited out my mouth. My nostrils bled, and I spit out blood mouthful by mouthful. However, they did not care at all whether I lived or died, but forced the tube into my nose. Usually they would insert the tube five or six times for one force-feeding. Several times, I was almost suffocated to death. In fact, they could not really feed me much food. They also knew that force-feeding did not work at all, yet they still force-fed me twice a day. Each time after force-feeding, I was completely exhausted.

Because of my hunger strike protesting the illegal law enforcement, arbitrary punishment, and extension of sentences in the forced labor camp, I was force-fed and nearly tortured to death. On September 9, 2001, I was sent to the Public Security Hospital in Jilin Province. In the hospital, the police guards cuffed my hands and feet to the bed, and I was unable to move. Then they tried to insert a large rubber tube into my nose. Since the tube was too rough, they tried several times but failed to insert the tube. With no regard for my life, the police guards forced it into my nose. After a long time, when the tube was finally inserted into my stomach, I was sweating all over and had run out of strength. They continued by installing a urine catheter into my body. My body was shaking due to the pain. But I could not breathe due to the tube in my nose. It was extremely painful, and death was a blink away. Eventually they threw me onto the bed, and put an intravenous drip in. A police guard shouted, "Nobody is allowed to take care of her." There was no nurse to look after me. When the catheter leaked, nobody replaced it. There were two criminal detainees and one practitioner in the same room. When the practitioner saw that my cotton-padded mattress was wet, she put a bedpad under me. After only one night, my lower back was in so much pain that I thought it was broken. At night, sputum kept running into my mouth, but I could not take care of myself. Sometimes, when I could not spit, I felt almost suffocated. The practitioner could not bear seeing me in such pain, so she quietly got up and tried to dig out the sputum with her finger. She took care of me the whole night, but next day she was gone. The police guard said, "She is not here any longer. Let's see who is going to take care of you now." They once again inserted the tube but did not feed me. (They fed me once in four days. The milk and juice I had was bought by my brother.) They kept the tube in my body at all times to make me feel uncomfortable. My throat was swollen and I coughed continually. Since there was nobody taking care of me, and I was tightly cuffed to the bed, I could only turn my head to the side when I had to spit, and my face and body were covered in filth. When the catheter leaked and urine spilled onto the floor, the criminal detainees cleaned the floor with my cotton pants. During the day, they felt disgusted to be around me, and stayed in other rooms. Before they left, they would leave the windows open. It was December, and thus very cold in the north. I only had my underwear on, the mattress was wet, and the quilt covered only up to my chest. Pain, cold, abuse, and insult came together. Every day I was suffering in great misery. They had the intravenous drip in me, but they ignored it after they pushed the needle in. I had to beg a criminal detainee in the room to pull it out when the intravenous solution bottle was empty. Sometimes, they missed the vein and pushed the needle into my muscle, but they did not care. Consequently, my legs and feet swelled and I felt sharp pain. The third day, nobody pulled the needle out for me after the intravenous drip was over, and I did not beg others to help me. I looked at the empty bottle and slowly closed my eyes. According to common medical knowledge, an empty intravenous drip bottle could lead people to death. I dozed off. When I opened my eyes again, I did not know how long it had been. I saw the empty bottle again and I was still alive. After only four days in the Public Security Hospital, I profoundly felt that the so-called hospital is not for curing illnesses or saving lives, but for intensifying the persecution.

Changchun practitioner Wang Kefei, who had been tortured to death, and Jilin practitioner Yu Lixin had both also been subjected to persecution in the Public Security Hospital in Jilin Province. Yu Lixin was injected in the hospital with some unknown medicine that damages the central nervous system. Later, the police in the hospital cut her blood vessel open many times to inject medicine.