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High School Teacher Xiao Guobin from Jilin Province Dies of Persecution

October 14, 2004 |  


Mr. Xiao Guobin, 31, was a chemistry teacher in Duli High School affiliated with Baihe Forest Bureau in Antu County, Jilin Province. At the beginning of 2000, the party secretary of Baihe Forest Bureau, Yang Hongbin (who has since been transferred to Yanbian County Forest Bureau) and Tian Changjie launched a brainwashing class. Xiao Guobin was abducted to the brainwashing class. While in detention there, Xiao firmly validated Dafa and never yielded to his persecutors. Unable to force him to give in, Xu Wenhua from the local "610 Office and Yu Qingyi from the local security department (both of whom are now retired) sent Xiao to a detention center.

Xiao Guobin later walked out of detention with righteous thoughts and continued his practice of Falun Gong. In October 2000, he was arrested again and sent to Yinmahe Labor Camp in Jiutai City, Jilin Province. At that time, Dafa practitioner Wang Tiesong was also jailed there. Wang was tortured to death in December 2001.

While in the labor camp, Xiao Guobin was subjected to various tortures. However, he never gave in. In the end, even the camp police and other inmates all admired his courage and determination. In October 2003, Xiao was released. However, the local "610 Office" refused to let him resume his teaching job and also sent people to monitor and harass him.

On May 26, 2004, Xiao Guobin was arrested on the street by police from the First Police Station of Baihe Forest Bureau. The police then took Xiao back to his home to watch them ransack it. During the search, Xiao "fell" out of a window in his home located on the sixth floor. The details of his fall are yet to be investigated. Xiao passed away despite an emergency rescue. The police guarded the hospital and did not allow other people to come see him. The same night, legal medical doctor Fei Shijiang did an autopsy of Xiao's body.

Xiao's parents were extremely grieved at the death of their son. Xiao's son was only 5 years old.

Later someone overheard police chatting with each other, "If Xiao's family members were resolved to find out the reason of his death, we would have to pay lots of money to them."

To date, three practitioners from Baihe Forest Bureau have died in the persecution: Xiao Guobin, Wang Tiesong, and a female practitioner whose name is unknown.

After Xiao's death, someone at the Baihe Forest Bureau spread a rumor claiming Xiao had jumped to his death. Falun Dafa teaches its practitioners to cherish life and does not allow suicide. Xiao's death is a result of the persecution by police.

Phone number of the First Police Station of Baihe Forest Bureau: 86-433-5717990