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Stories of People Who Treat Falun Gong Well Receiving Blessings

October 14, 2004 |  


"Falun Gong is really powerful and I'm very thankful to Teacher Li"

At the beginning of the persecution, a taxi driver from Feixiang County of Hebei Province believed China Central Television's fabricated stories and said some bad things about Dafa. I told him that our Teacher teaches us to become good people, without hitting back when being beaten and without cursing back when we are cursed, and how the TV stations fabricated stories. After he understood the truth, he said, "The propaganda is lying to the people and I will not believed it any more. Jiang's regime is beating good people to death and leaving the bad guys alone, and letting this country become so corrupt. Falun Dafa is good, and later on I would like to learn it, too."

Last December, he attended a party at his friend's home and drank excessively. On his way back home, his motorcycle turned over. After he woke up, his left arm was badly hurt and he could not move it. He looked around but didn't find anybody. The weather was very cold and the pain was excruciating, but he could not do anything. Suddenly he recalled what I had told him, and he started to recite, "Falun Dafa is good." Soon his arm was not hurting anymore and he could slowly raise his arm. He kneeled on both knees and continued to recite, and then gradually he could stand up. He was able to start his motorcycle and ride 7 miles to a hospital. One month later, he had recovered from his injuries.

Later on, he told everyone how great Falun Gong was, and how thankful he was to Teacher Li. He asked others to learn Truth, Compassion and Forbearance.

One time, a brick trailer was stuck in the mud and when he came upon this situation, he used his vehicle to pull the trailer out. The driver of the trailer did not know how to thank him and repeatedly said that he had met a good person. The taxi driver said, "The reason that I can be a good person is because I learned Falun Gong." The trailer driver was astonished to hear that and said, "How do you dare to believe in it?" He replied, "If I did not learn Falun Gong, then I would not have helped you. You should learn it, too." The trailer driver thanked him again and again.

A girl says, "I know that Falun Dafa saved my life."

There was a fifth grade student in the Feixiang County of Hebei Province. She often listened to practitioners' truth-clarification. After she understood the truth, she said, "Actually Dafa is so wonderful and the TV programs are full of lies. I will not listen to it anymore, and later on I would also like to learn Dafa."

One day, she and her friend were riding their bicycles over a bridge. Somehow she fell off the bridge and her bicycle landed right on top of her. However, she was all right except for a little bit of a limp in her leg and after a good night's sleep, she recovered completely.

People said that this sort of thing happened quite often on this bridge, and the people who fell from the bridge usually had much more serious injuries, but she did not even suffer a scratch. Everyone thought that it was amazing. The girl said: "I know that Falun Dafa saved my life." Her family members were all thankful to Teacher and Dafa.

A four-year-old child learns about Zhuan Falun and blisters all around his mouth are cured.

Xiaowen's grandmother is a Dafa practitioner and four-year-old Xiaowen also knew about Dafa. One day, Xiaowen had blisters all over his mouth. He could not eat or drink, and he cried all day. His family members were very worried but they did not know what to do. In the evening, Xiaowen suddenly said to his grandmother three times, "I would like to read Zhuan Falun." The grandmother very happily brought the book over to her grandson, and Xiaowen pointed to the characters and said "Zhuan Falun." Then he pointed to the picture of Falun and said "Falun" and when seeing Teacher's picture, he said, "Teacher." The grandmother read "Lunyu" (preface of Zhuan Falun) for him and Xiaowen started to feel better and calmed down.

On the next day, Xiaowen's blisters were gone.

Yangyang clarifies the truth and is cured of his persistent cough

Since Yangyang was a kid, he had a chronic cough. When the weather turned cold, he would catch a cold and the coughing would start. After his mother began practicing Falun Gong, her diseases were cured. When he went to his schoolmates' home, he would tell his friends' parents, "Aunt and uncle, you should practice Falun Gong because my mom used to have a lot of health problems, but now she is very healthy. It will help you, too."

Yangyang always told people the same story no matter where he went. A year later, something suddenly popped into his head and he asked his mom, "Why did I not catch any colds this winter? It is very strange!" His mother told him, "It is because you were telling people that Falun Dafa is good, so you must have been rewarded with good fortune!"

After reading Zhuan Falun, my daughter's body was purified

One time my daughter had a fish bone caught in her throat. No matter how she tried, she could not spit it out, and it remained stuck in her throat. Later on she read Zhuan Falun. After finishing reading the book, she very sincerely said, "Your Teacher is really magnificent. His every word points to the source. The book has profound principles and it is a very good book!" A moment went by and then my daughter felt her throat was hurting very much. I asked her where it hurt. Did it hurt in the same place where the fishbone had lodged itself? She touched the spot on her throat that was hurting and said, "Yes, it is same place." I told her not to worry about it and it would be OK in a little while. "It is because Teacher is purifying your body for you."

A few moments passed, and my daughter's throat returned to normal. She was very happy and said that it was truly amazing! "I used to not believe it when you talked about it, but this time I have personally experienced the miraculous power of Dafa."

My husband resisted the persecution with me and his back pain disappeared

My husband's health was not very good, and he suffered from chronic back pain. In the year 2000, after I was illegally arrested and taken to the police department, he was very worried, mad, and afraid. This caused his back problems to return. He could not walk and the pain was unbearable. He insisted on bringing meals to me everyday, and I told him to hide Teacher's articles so that no one would take it away from him. He carried Teacher's articles in his pocket every day and whenever he had a chance, he would let me read them. After I finished reading, I would return the articles to him. He also cooperated with me to go against the persecution and clarify the truth. Time went by and he no longer felt any back pain. He felt strange and asked me what was going on. "This time the back pain went away by itself," he said. I told him that this was his reward for safeguarding Dafa materials and remembering that Dafa is good.