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Torture Methods Used by Chinese Police in Jiamusi City, Helongjiang Province (Illustrations)

October 01, 2004 |  


Suspending with Handcuffs

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While investigating the case of the infamous television signal interception, police from Qianjin Police Station of Jiamusi City kidnapped a Falun Dafa practitioner, and then tortured him by suspending him by his handcuffs. Several police officers lifted this practitioner up into the air and handcuffed him to a high metal bar that he could not reached while standing. They then let go of him which transferred all of his weight to his handcuffed wrists. The ensuing sensation, according to the practitioner, was a feeling of the tendons in the thumbs being separated from the wrists. The practitioner then tried to extend his legs to support his body and lessen the pain in his arms, but the police simply pulled his legs apart and tied them to a bed frame. After only two or three minutes of having his entire body weight suspended by his arms, the practitioner lost all feeling in both arms. But rather than releasing him, the police tied a heavy iron weight around his neck, and then grabbed him by his rib cage and swung him back and forth to induce more pressure and pain to his arms.

Striking a Metal Bucket Placed over the Head

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In May 2002, Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Hou Zhiqiang was abducted and taken to a detention center by police officers disguised as fellow practitioners. During his detention, Hou was interrogated many times, and even tortured. A metal bucket was place over his head, and several police officers struck the bucket with wooden clubs, which caused deafening noises and vibrations. After receiving this torture several times, Mr. Hou often suffered from spasms over his entire body during sleep.

Handcuffed Behind the Back

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At Jiamusi Women's Forced Labor Camp, officials attempt to force Falun Dafa practitioners to sign statements denouncing Dafa. Those who refuse to provide signatures are subjected to a torture which is among the most ruthless torture methods used on Falun Dafa practitioners. Once a person is handcuffed in this way, the pain is excruciating, and remaining in this position for a prolonged period often results in permanent damage to the arms. Many practitioners at the labor camp, including Ms. Qiu Yuxia, Ms. Tong Li, Ms. Wang Yingxia, and Ms. Wang Yuhong, etc., have been crippled by this torture, and they can no longer take care of themselves.

Because a practitioner refused to write the statement denouncing Falun Dafa, female police officer Wang Yadong stripped her of her clothes, leaving only her underwear. She then handcuffed the practitioner in this position. And as the practitioner was sweating profusely from the unbearable pain, Wang began striking her head.

In October 2002, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Kang Aimin refused to sign the statement, so police officers Li Xiujin, Zhou Jiali, Sun Limin, and others cuffed her in this position. They also shoved a picture of Falun Dafa's founder inside of her pants to humiliate her and defame her faith. Ms. Kang was in so much pain that sweat streamed off of her head, but after an hour, she still refused to sign the statement. The police later put her in this position for a second time, which caused her to pass out.

Various Tortures Involving Handcuffs

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In 2003, I was sent to the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. For 25 days, my hands were cuffed behind my back, and I was forced to sit on a brick floor (see figures 1 and 2). During that period of time, I was not allowed to bathe, and at night, the windows were intentionally left open so that my room would become bitterly cold. I was cuffed in a position that forced me to sit with my legs straight. Several practitioners and I developed diarrhea from sitting on the floor all the time, yet we were not allowed to use the restroom. A chamber pot had been placed inside the room, but policeman Li Yongbo refused to let me use the pot. During the first ten days, our hands were handcuffed behind our backs every night, and my hands swelled badly. Later, we were cuffed behind our backs for the first half of the night and cuffed in the front the remainder of the time (figure 3). We were also forced to write certain statements while handcuffed, and when the handcuffs were finally removed, I could no longer stand on my own. Even after several months, I still could not walk without aid.

The jail guards often handcuff practitioners to heating pipes for many consecutive days when they are even the least bit dissatisfied with them.

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Tied to a Wooden Board for Extended Periods

By May 2003, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Su Yanhua had been mistreated to the point that she had difficulty walking, so she began practicing the Falun Gong exercises. After seeing this, police officer Wang Xiurong feverishly beat Su, and handcuffed her to a ring set into the concrete floor. When Ms. Su refused to write a statement guaranteeing not to practice anymore, she and another practitioner were tied to wooden boards. After handcuffing them to bed frames, the police wound ropes, designed for tying military luggage, around the practitioners from chest to waist, and the ropes were wound so tightly that the practitioners could barely breathe. Their legs were also tied to the bed frames. They laid on boards, each about 25 cm. (about 10 in.) in length, and the two boards each practitioner was given were placed 15 cm (6 in.) apart. Ms. Su and the other practitioner were tied up like this for a week. In June 2003, practitioner Ms. Ma Xiaohua was also tied up this way for 28 days.

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Slave Labor

The persecution at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp has disfigured many Falun Dafa practitioners' hands. Even so, they are still being forced to work without medical treatment.

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