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Illustrations of Torture Methods at the Wangcun Men's Labor Camp in Shandong Province

January 23, 2004 |  


The figures below were drawn by a practitioner who escaped using his righteous thoughts from Wangcun Labor Camp in Shandong Province. Because of the practitioner's steadfast belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance," the police tortured him for several months using different methods. But no matter how mean and cruel their tortures were, the practitioner's righteous thoughts were never swayed. He finally walked out of the labor camp, and with his limited drawing skills sketched these drawings filled with blood and tears.

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Figure 1: The savage force-feeding

The Savage Force-feeding

Figure 1: The savage force-feeding

(Text in drawing:

1. I don't believe I cannot pry your mouth open. I'll let you have a taste of the mouth-opener.
2. Extending the mouth opener to its full extent.
3. The person is handcuffed to prevent him from pulling out the feeding tube
4. The feeding tube is taped in position.
5. "The savage force-feeding" is a torture method the police use when persecuting practitioners.

Wangcun Labor Camp force-feeds the practitioners with food and medicine with indescribable viciousness. Four to five people surround the practitioner who is tied on a chair and use metal chisels and pliers to pry open his mouth. They will pry and break his teeth to remove them. While injuring the practitioner's mouth and lips, they will use a metal mouth-opener to force open his mouth. They will tighten the opener up against the person's upper and lower teeth, extending the opener as far as it can to cause extreme pain, making him feel as though his jaw will break. They keep it this way for a long time to make him suffer, and then stick a thick feeding tube into his throat to force- feed him. Both one's upper and lower teeth would be loose afterwards, which, combined with the pain in the jaw can cause one to suffer for several months.

Before they force feed a person through his nose as people normally do, they always force feed him a few times through his mouth first, so that he will have a taste of the toughness of the mouth-opener and thick feeding tube.

Electric Shock and "Hanging on a Cross"

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Picture 2: Electric Shock and "Hanging on a Cross"

(Picture 2: Text in drawing:

Electric Shock:

1. Four policemen use four electric batons to simultaneously shock the practitioner for a prolonged period of time. For those steadfast ones, two of the policemen will step on the ankles of the practitioner and do the shocking.
2. Inner side of the thighs
3. Neck
4. Inner side of the arms
5. The hands are cuffed very tight and bruise and swell
6. Center of the sole
7. After the shock, the shocked area will blister and swell. The ankles will be numb and hurt for months

Hanging on a cross:

1. The torture "hanging on a cross" that is used by the evil to force practitioners to renounce their beliefs

2. The person will be hung like this day and night for several days or up to a month. The arms, legs, and feet will swell. The feet will blister. One cannot walk after one is let down.)

Four policemen will use four electric batons to simultaneously shock the practitioner for a prolonged period of time. For those steadfast ones, two of the policemen will step on their ankles and do the shocking. Afterwards, the practitioner's ankles will hurt and be numb for months, and the areas that were shocked will swell and blister.

"Hanging on a cross" is another torture method devised by the policemen in the labor camp to force the practitioners to give up their belief. They will hang the arms of the practitioner way up above him and force him to stand, also forcing him stand sometimes during urine or bowel discharge. They will hang him this way, day and night, for periods as long as a month. Afterwards the arms and legs will swell and the feet will blister and swell to the point where one cannot walk. Practitioner Chen Xuekai in Linshu County, Linyi City, Shandong Province was hung for over a month.

Continuously Facing the Wall or Confined to a Small Bench

High Resolution PictureHigh Resolution Picture
(Picture 3: Text in drawing:

1. Wangcun Male Labor Camp in Shandong Province persecutes practitioners: The guards force them to face the wall or sit on a small bench for a prolonged period of time.

2. They are forced to stand against the wall for a whole night, while keeping their body straight. )

(Picture 4: Text in drawing:

Wangcun Male Labor Camp in Shandong Province persecutes the practitioners who steadfastly believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.")

The policemen often force the practitioners to stand against a wall for a long time. Some practitioners were forced to sit on a small bench, from early morning until midnight or even 3 o'clock the next morning. Some were deprived of sleep.

Why is sitting on a bench a torture? Usually we think that sitting on a bench is a way of resting. But that is done in a leisurely fashion - one can change positions freely and decide its duration. But the practitioners were forced to sit in a fixed position (more severe punishment will follow if one changes position on his own), and were not allowed to sleep.

They force the steadfast practitioners to sit on small benches all day. A practitioner will be forced to sit from 5 am till 9:30 pm. He will eat, sleep, wash and brush all in one room, and need permission to go to the restroom. The room is extremely smelly and stifling.

Partial list of names of the doctors and police in the Wangcun Labor Camp

Director: Mr. Han
Captain: Mr. Zhou


Badge number 3731108, name to be identified
Badge number 3731063, Mr. Zhang
Badge number 3731314, Xu Tao
Badge number 3731261, Kong Bosong