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Tortured By Being Handcuffed in an Excruciating Position for Eight Hours at the Jiamusi Labor Camp

January 18, 2004 |  

November 11, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) In attempts to force Falun Dafa practitioners to give a pledge and write the so-called "five statements" to renounce their belief, Jiamusi Labor Camp authorities resort to using a very cruel torture known as "Big handcuff from behind". This handcuff torture is very brutal whereby one arm is pulled behind the back from above the head, and the other is pulled behind the back from below, and are handcuffed to the opposite corners of a short metal bed. The opposing force begins to rip at the heart and lungs to cause excruciating pain. Nearly all steadfast Falun Dafa practitioners detained at the Jiamusi Labor Camp have been subjected to this torture. Those who still refuse to give pledges to renounce their belief are beaten. Some have been handcuffed like this for up to eight hours, causing long-term physical damage and disability. Some practitioners have even lost the ability to walk or care for themselves.

If practitioners refuse to write a "weekly report" for the authorities, they are also subjected to severe torture. During the summer, practitioners are forced to sit with their legs straight out, back straight, hands on their knees, facing a small lattice bench. No movement or cushions are allowed even when their buttocks become festered from the prolonged sitting. Even those who have suffered heart problems from the persecution are not spared. Instead, the guards said, "Aren't you guys supernormal? How come you got hemiplegia?" Some practitioners suffered serious internal injuries, and cannot do physical exercise. The guards still beat and curse them. Police guard Yu Wenbin kicked and beat Ms. Su Yanhua. Guard Jiang Jianan kicked and beat Ms. Jiang Shufang. The guards beat practitioners for writing on their own hands, or even just for talking to each other. The guards would not allow practitioners to use the restroom, so they often were forced to soil their pants. The guards would say mockingly, "You're supernormal, so there's no need for you to use the bathroom. Digest it yourselves." Elderly practitioners who are critically ill or have serious heart problems are told that heart disease does not count as illness, and there should be no problem.

The guards punished practitioners for not reciting the detention center rules, forcing them to stand outside without food or use of the restroom for two days. These practitioners are among the most severely persecuted. Although some of them had severely declined in health, the guards still extended their terms and forced them to work long hours of labor each day. Their meals consisted of a thin soup, salted vegetables and dark steamed bread. With intensive labor and insufficient food, Dafa practitioners were often starving. If practitioners are discovered eating while in the workshop, they face extended sentences.

Guards beat practitioners who go on hunger strike to protest their illegal detentions. Even with their bodies covered in dark bruises, the guards still tortured them with the "big handcuff from behind" torture and brutal force-feeding.

When the province sent government officials to inspect the forced labor camp, Chen Chunmei of the 7th Team threatened all the criminal prisoners with extended jail terms unless they agreed to be bear false witness. They forbade any information about the mistreatment of Dafa practitioners to be disclosed, and hid all the handcuffs. Middle team leaders Li Xiujin, Liu Yadong and Gao Jie committed any act they liked without being held responsible.

Practitioners detained in the 9th middle team make cell phone covers from 7am to 7-8pm. Some suffered high blood pressure and rheumatism due to the poor treatment. Some of their hands and feet are still numb from the extended handcuffing. They can barely take care of themselves, but are still forced to work. Guards even extended the jail terms of those who cannot work.

Evil police: Li Xiujin, Liu Yadong, Gao Jie, Wang Yongli etc.

President of Labor Camp: Ren Shicai: 86-454-8891958

Vice-president of Labor Camp: Yao Debin: 86-454-8891939

Vice-president of Labor Camp: Guan Dejun: 86-454-8891948