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Getting Rid of a Selfish Mentality

January 16, 2004 |   Practitioner in China

December 25, 2003


I have felt that something was wrong in my cultivation practice. I read some articles about the selfish mentality written by other practitioners. I realized my thoughts of doing something "for Dafa" were selfish, and I made up my mind to get rid of this mentality.

I still felt unable to get rid of it completely. It seemed like this selfish mentality was a part of my body and mind, and I was unable to free myself. Then I realized the thought of getting rid of it also contained selfish elements. I wanted to eliminate it to improve myself for myself. Just as Teacher said, I regarded it as a test and was trapped in the process of getting rid of the attachment in order to pass the test. Instead, I should truly give it up. After this realization, I have not felt this selfish mentality since. When I got back home I started the exercises. I truly felt like I had broken through to be in perfect harmony with Dafa. I truly felt that I was a brand new life who is completely different.