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Gansu Province Pingantai Labor Camp's Brutality: No Anesthetics Allowed in Surgery to Repair a Leg Broken from Torture; Woman Tortured to Death

January 15, 2004 |  

January 4, 2004

(Clearwisdom.net) Police from Jinchang City illegally sent Dafa practitioner Mr. Ma Yuefang of Jinchang City, Gansu Province to the Lanzhou City Pingantai Labor Camp. Because Ma Yuefang persisted in his belief in Falun Dafa, the guards at the labor camp tortured him until he received a broken leg, and later sent him to the labor camp hospital. The guards did not permit the doctor to use anesthetics while setting the fracture, causing Ma Yuefang to suffer unimaginable agony from the torture. Now Ma Yuefang's leg has gone totally numb and he is effectively disabled. His condition is still deteriorating.

The cruel personnel at the Pingantai Labor Camp fear exposure and refuse to permit Ma Yuefang out on bail for proper medical treatment.

Jinchang City Dafa practitioner, Special Honored Teacher Ms. Hou Youfang, was mistreated and physically abused so severely that she died. The vicious police officers of this labor camp are responsible.

Persecutors from Jinchang City who are primarily responsible for persecuting Dafa and practitioners since July 20, 1999:

Wang Youxiang: Jinchang City Police Department Political and Security Section Chief, head officer of the "610 Office," 86-935-8219127.

Meng Jiaxiang: Jinchang City Police Department Political and Security Section Chief, head officer of the "610 Office," chiefly responsible person for practitioners' imprisonment and forced labor in Jinchang City.

Li Xinhua: Primary person responsible for mistreating Falun Gong at Jinchang City Police Department. This man is extremely vicious. In order to amass political gain, he forged and exaggerated the quantity of distributed Dafa truth materials the Dafa practitioners were accused of handing out and rampantly persecuted Dafa practitioners.

Deng Shaojun: Deputy Party Secretary of Jinchang City Jinchuan Company, main responsible person for Falun Gong issues in the Jinchuan Company.
Jinchuan Company Party Office Head, 86-935-8811356
Jinchuan Company Party Office Deputy Head, 86-935-8811498
Yang Huiguo: Jinchang City Longshou Police Department Chief, 86-935-8811820
Han: Jinchang City Longshou Police Department Deputy Division Chief, 86-935-8811101

Dai Baoji: Jinchang City Longshou Police Department Deputy Division Chief. He was originally section chief. He was promoted to deputy division chief for his efforts in persecuting Dafa. This man brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners Guo Hong and others from the Jinchuan Company. His methods are debased and despicable. He repeatedly personally arrested Dafa practitioners.

Xin Fuqiang: Jinchang City Longshou Police Department Political and Security Section Chief, previously Security Section Chief of the Living Company Power Plant. He repeatedly joined in the persecution of Dafa practitioners.