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Summary of Other Articles and News - 09/17/2003

September 24, 2003 |  


Facts About the Persecution

Perpetrators from the "610 Brainwashing Class" at Weifang City's Industry School psychologically torture Dafa practitioners. They fold paper into a cone-like megaphone and then loudly shout Dafa-slandering words into the practitioners' ears. They violently beat, pinch, and scratch the practitioners. Every detained Dafa practitioner's body is covered with purple bruises. When the practitioners hold hunger strikes, they are force-fed.

The Truth and Peoples' Hearts

A true story from a tourist site in Singapore:

On Sunday, September 7, a tourist accepted a flyer from a practitioner and said, "Suing Jiang Zemin? Let me take a look." He and his wife carefully looked at all of our truth clarification pictures. "Look, lawsuit against Jiang Zemin!" "Quick, look here, 'global trial against Jiang Zemin,'" "Hey look, suing Jiang..." Different Chinese tourists in different age groups and from different backgrounds were surprised when they looked at the pictures. "Jiang's trial" has become a focal point for Chinese tourists. One man with a southern accent said loudly, "I curse Jiang Zemin at home everyday." Many other tourists laughed out of disdain when they saw Jiang's face on the truth clarification video.