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Taiwan: Falun Gong Activities at Taipei Shih Hsin University Student Club Show (Photos)

September 21, 2003 |   Photo and article by a Falun Dafa practitioner from Taiwan Shih Hsin University

(Clearwisdom.net Sept 17, 2003)

Participating in Student Club Show at New Semester

A group of senior student Falun Gong practitioners established a "Falun Gong Research Club" and participated in the two-day student club show.

The practitioners quietly demonstrated the five sets of exercises. Many parents and new students were attracted by the peacefulness, and watched the exercises. Some of them took flyers.

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In two days, we met many students who wanted to know more about the persecution in China and some who wanted to learn the exercises. Some residents and storeowners left their contact addresses with us so that they could learn all five sets of exercises later. One father who came from the south to register his daughter at Shih Hsin University wanted us to contact his daughter to study and practice together. One junior student wanted to have a yellow T-shirt like ours.

After lunch break, we returned to our booth. One student saw us in yellow T-shirts and walked up to us. His first sentence was, "I want to learn the exercises. Where do you usually practice?" When I gave him the truth-clarification materials, he smiled and said, "I wanted to learn (Falun Dafa) two years ago." I asked him why he came so late. He said, "I didn't try very hard to find the exercise site and I never saw your club table." We understood that we had not done well with promoting Falun Dafa at the school. The university gave us one club table, but usually we don't have members at the table. So most of the students don't know that we have a table there and don't even know there is a Falun Dafa club in the university.

Cultivation Experience: Walk on the Path of Falun Dafa Openly and with Dignity

I realized that our Fa promotion activities were lacking in the university. Fa-rectification, such an important thing, is happening; the Fa of the cosmos is being taught in the world now. The people in this world must be very special to be human beings at this period of time. Being a practitioner, assisting Master, we must try our best to let people of today and the future and all lives in different worlds to learn about Dafa.

I also realized that I have a strong attachment: the heart of pursuit. If one thing needs ten steps to finish, I will be attached to the current step in front of me and forget the ultimate purpose. I forgot that we should not focus on the result of each step. Our ultimate goal is to assist the Teacher in the Fa-rectification process and leave the Fa for sentient beings.

In the past, once I couldn't balance the time to promote the Fa in Taiwan and to clarify the truth to Mainland China. In a period of time, I thought the Taiwan people were not so deceived by the lies so "Fa promotion" is not as important as "clarifying the truth" and somewhat ignored Fa promotion in Taiwan. This time, the activity was not long and we didn't ask for help from other universities, but so many people approached us and wanted to obtain Dafa in this stage of Fa-rectification. Dafa activities should be balanced and not do only one thing and forget the others. The Fa has given us the talent to do all things. The outcome depends on our one mindset. If you truly want to do what a practitioner should do and you want to fulfill your ancient vow, you can overcome all "difficulties" in the human world and walk on the path of a Falun Dafa practitioner openly and with dignity.