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To Practitioners Who Clarify the Truth Via TV (Part 2)

September 12, 2003 |   By a Practitioner in China


In the Fa-rectification, we are usually limited to the things in this surface dimension, and we only pay attention to this surface dimension. We cultivate in ordinary human society, and since we can't see much of the entire Fa-rectification phenomenon in other dimensions, we are easily confused by or limited by superficial phenomena.

"I started to do Fa-rectification from outside the Three Realms, going up all the way, not just along one course, but in all directions, expanding and spreading out toward the microcosm and macrocosm simultaneously, going both upward and downward, because what's more microcosmic and what's more macrocosmic are the same concept."


"The Fa-rectification as a whole is being done comprehensively, and you can't emphasize only this human place. If because of that the salvation of all the final elements of the colossal firmament bodies were delayed, that would be even more awful."


"When the Fa-rectification is completed up there, our Three Realms are broken through here."

(Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the US West Fa Conference)

The success reached by Dafa practitioners using TV broadcasts as a means to clarify the truth is not limited to the human level. The true success lies in that our god sides, which have assimilated to the Fa through our cultivation, are saving sentient beings at different levels. Therefore, only through studying the Fa more, studying the Fa well, assimilating to the Fa, continuously transforming ourselves at microscopic levels, making fundamental changes, and continuously rectifying ourselves can we save sentient beings in a compassionate way.

Master told us in Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Conference:

"Think about it, no matter where you are, no matter which ethnic group, which region, or which country you're in, on the surface you're an average, ordinary person, and you're just another being, but in reality, there are always people who have karmic relationships with you. Not only that, as I've told you many times before, particles at the infinitely microcosmic levels form particles at the next level up, and the particles at the next level up form particles at the next higher level, continually forming larger particles like that. And in each layer of particles there are an infinite number of beings. If you magnify a small particle you'll see that there are, just like on Earth and the planets, countless beings on it. Think about it, how many particles make up a human body? And these are just things within your own scope. A human being is also a being that exists in the scope of this environment, just like a sponge being soaked in water. This world is like water, and the microcosmic beings and matter are so numerous that the density is like that of water. Wherever you are, within your scope there are pretty huge, gigantic microcosmic beings that correspond to your body. So when a person cultivates, you haven't just cultivated the layers upon layers of your own body, the cells of the layers upon layers of your particles are all in your image. And have you thought about this: after you magnify the cell of a particle, aren't there still countless beings on it? And could there be beings that are in the image of man? So how many cells like that are there? Actually, to microcosmic beings your cell is their planet. And it's not just cells--how many microcosmic particles make up a cell? A cell or a microcosmic particle in your image is the King of all beings in that particle, and all the countless beings in there are governed by it. If you don't cultivate yourself well your cells won't be well-cultivated; if you have cultivated yourself well your cells are well-cultivated, and the beings in the domain of your cells' jurisdiction are well-cultivated. Then think about it, when one being succeeds in cultivation, how many beings are successfully cultivated as a result?"

After we began to understand these principles, we pay paid more attention to the things in the superficial human world and attached more importance to self-cultivation and improving our xinxing, because the true manifestation is in other dimensions.

"In genuine cultivation practice one must cultivate one's own heart and inner self. One should search inside oneself rather than outside."


"Only when you upgrade your xinxing can you attain a clear and clean mind, and a state free of intention (wuwei) only when your xinxing is upgraded can you assimilate to the characteristic of the universe and remove different human desires, attachments, and other bad things. Only then will you be able to abandon the bad things in yourself and ascend so that you will not be restricted by the characteristic of the universe."


"If you are able to succeed in improving yourself this way, what you do then, with a pure heart, will be the best and most sacred."

(Further Understanding)

Therefore, no matter if you broadcast Falun Dafa programs on TV to clarify the truth, take care of a materials center, or do other Fa-rectification work, we should handle the essence of Fa-rectification well. Through continuously purifying our hearts in the Fa, rectifying our every thought and every idea with a pure state of mind as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we save sentient beings with compassion, and fulfill our grand pledges as beings that came down to this world for the Fa, setting a path of validating the Fa for future beings, so that it will become a reference in history.

The following are some experiences and lessons we have learned from our clarifying the truth via broadcasting Falun Dafa TV in our area:

  1. Especially when we are very busy, we should calm our minds and study the Fa, after we work for while, we should pause, continuously look inside, and purify our state of mind. Zealotry, competitive mentality, and ego are hidden dangers, we should confront them and eliminate them by looking inside and studying the Fa, doing such a sacred thing as broadcasting Falun Dafa truth clarification programs on TV, we must reach the state of a pure and sacred mind. Only when our state of mind is adjusted well, should we go ahead and do things.
  2. We should also build up a good foundation for sending forth righteous thoughts at regular times. Practitioners who clarify the truth through Falun Dafa TV broadcasts do better work after sending forth righteous thoughts for a long time and studying the Fa with a calm mind, because the process of broadcasting Falun Dafa TV requires very powerful righteous thoughts. In addition, we must cleanse the field before broadcasting Falun Dafa TV so that we are able to achieve better results against broadcast blockage. When both the external and internal environment is pure, we come across less interference, and it goes smoothly.

For instance, at the beginning, our state of mind was very pure. We attached a lot of importance to sending forth righteous thoughts, and we cleansed the field in advance each time. We sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time during the broadcast. Its impact was great in terms of suppressing and eliminating the evils, as a result, lots of people came to learn the truth

However, when we began to broadcast Falun Dafa TV more frequently, our workload increased. Gradually, sending forth righteous thoughts was ignored. Sometimes we were so busy that we couldn't worry about sending forth righteous thoughts, or we only did it for a little while before we set out, which didn't achieve the full effect of righteous thoughts. As a result, other dimensions weren't cleansed or weren't cleansed enough. Consequently, we encountered a lot of interference, and the outcome wasn't satisfactory.

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