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The Persecution of Practitioner Mr. Wang Ruiqi, an Outstanding Worker in Lianshan District Agriculture Bureau in Huludao City, Liaoning Province and His Family

September 11, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Ruiqi is a Dafa practitioner and an employee at the Agricultural Bureau in Lianshan District in Huludao City, in Liaoning Province.

On July 29, 2003, Mr. Wang workplace's supervisors told Mr. Wang that they would send him to a brainwashing center. Wang said that he would go home first to make some preparations. Then he escaped from home to avoid further persecution. His current whereabouts are unknown.

At the end of December 2000, policeman Zuo Wangpeng and others from Bohai Police Station came to Mr. Wang's workplace. Mr. Wang answered "yes" when they asked him whether he would go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. For saying those words, Mr. Wang was sentenced two years of forced labor, although he had been recognized with the "Outstanding Employee" award for several consecutive years. His wife Shi Yinchun is currently detained in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for practicing Falun Gong. Their son has been sentenced to three years of forced labor for being a practitioner, and currently is not living in the family home to avoid further persecution.

After July 20, 1999, Bohai Police Station has illegally sent many Dafa practitioners to detention, forced labor camps, and prison. Among them are Wang Ruiqi's family, the couple of Mr. Liu Jianfeng and Ms. Wang Yanliang, Mr. Tian Yongli and his wife, Mr. Ma Yucheng and his wife, Luo Qiang, Wang Shuwen, Wu Jingzhen, Li Yuzhen, Zhang Xinlan, Mr. Chen Dehua and his wife, Zhang Xiaoli, Pan Lizhi, Ren Suju, Li Mingyan, Kong Yumei, Huang Jiaru, Li Sufen, Hou Shaohua, Xiao Wang, aunt Gao, aunt Mao.

Policemen from Bohai Police Station who are responsible for the persecution:

Wang Jianhua, Tan Binghai and Li Baoshen (the three policemen were transferred to other work units), and Zuo Wanpeng, Liu Jiudong, Wang Xuezhi.

People responsible and their phone numbers:

Lianshan District National Security team leader: Zhang Junsheng

Bohai Police Station: 86-429-2122829

Bohai Community Services Center director Du Xiangying: 86-429-2123398

Bohai Community Services Center Beijing branch Yang Xiaoliang: 86-429-2121083

Huludao City Lianshan District Communist Party Committee president Li Yulin; Lianshan District person in charge Wang Huiyan

Huludao City Lianshan District 610 office: Guo Benyin

Huludao City Lianshan District Agriculture Bureau reception: 86-429-2122372

Huludao City Lianshan District Agriculture Bureau president: 86-429-2123362

Huludao City Lianshan District Agriculture Bureau vice-president: 86-429-2153342/41; 86-429?|2124772/7217

Huludao City Lianshan District Committee office: 86-429-2122319; 86-429-2124963;

Investigation office: 86-429-2122529

Organizational Department minister's office: 86-429-2124289

Organizational Department deputy minister's office: 86-429-2124921; 86-429-2122041

Reception: 86-429?|2122820

Huludao City Lianshan District Propaganda Ministry minister: 86-429-2124608

Huludao City Lianshan District Propaganda Ministry deputy minister: 86-429-2122082

Office: 86-429?|2124710

Theory Section: 86-429?|2124815

News Reporting Section: 86-429?|2122427

Huludao City Lianshan District Unified Military Department: 86-429-2125515

Huludao City Lianshan District Industrial committee secretariat: 86-429-2123 Reception: 86-429?|2124309

Huludao City Lianshan District Politics and Legal Committee secretariat?F86-429-2124839, Reception: 86-429-2122227

Comprehensive Management office: 86-429-2122864

Huludao City Lianshan District Committee for Inspecting Disciplines director: 86-429-2125452

Deputy director: 86-429-2123212; 86-429-2123983; 86-429-2122524

Standing Committee office: 86-429-2122944

Reception: 86-429-2122710

Appealing Office: 86-429-2122520

Inspecting Discipline office: 86-429-2123302

Processing Office: 86-429-2123096

Law Enforcement and Monitoring office: 86-429-2123508

Huludao City Lianshan District People's Assembly Director's office: 86-429-2124910; 86-429-2122757; 86-429-2123516; 86-429-2124482

Office: 86-429-2125700

Secretariat: 86-429-2122899

Law Enforcement Office: 86-429-2122210

Scientific Education office: 86-429-2122352

Huludao City Lianshan District government officer office: 86-429-2134393

Vice-director office: 86-429-2120752; 86-429-2124690; 86-429-2122968

Secretariat: 86-429-2122212

Clerical staff: 86-429-2124081

No.1 Comprehensive office: 86-429-2124728

No.2 Comprehensive office: 86-429-2127195

Administrative office: 86-429-2124810

Huludao City Lianshan District Civic Administration Bureau: 86-429-2122716; 86-429-2124527

Huludao City Lianshan District Human Resource Bureau: 86-429-2134816; 86-429-2127198

Huludao City Lianshan District Bureau of Justice: 86-429-2154877; 86-429-2123165