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Police Abduct Practitioner Ms. Yu Huiqin from Kanzhuang, Yanqing County, Beijing

September 10, 2003 |  


Around 6 a.m. on August 14, policemen from the Kangzhuang police station from the Yanqing County of Beijing, led by Police Chief Bai Jinlong, came to the house of Dafa practitioner Yu Huiqin and tried to take her away by force. Yu Huiqin resisted with her righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Shortly after, about seven or eight policemen led by Detention Center Police Chief Xia Yongkun clambered over Yu's garden wall and entered her yard. They crashed through windows and smashed down the door to gain entry into Yu's house. Without showing any identification, the policemen seized Yu Huiqin and dragged her away. Nobody knows where she was taken.

Yu's husband, Jiang Hai, had already been abducted from their house by the Beijing undercover police. Police dragged him off so abruptly that he didn't even have time to put on his shoes. Nobody knows his current whereabouts.

Now that Yu and Jiang have been abducted, their mother, who is in her 70's and unable to care for even her own daily needs, is the only person available to help their two young children.

Kangzhuang Police Station: 86-10-69131618

Yanqing Detention Center: 86-10-81197830