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Deyang Jail in Sichuan Province Wantonly Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

September 01, 2003 |  



On May 23, 2003, Deyang Jail convened a meeting on the so-called "Modulation of Jailing and Monitoring Protocol." A warden named Ma Aijun and an associate warden named Shi blatantly used this as an excuse to persecute those Dafa practitioners who study the Fa, practice the Falun Gong exercises, clarify the truth, and stage peaceful huger-strikes to appeal for their human rights. The wardens asserted that the practitioners disrupted the jail. They also came up with seventeen jail law regulations. These regulations strictly regulate the nearly one hundred jailed practitioners by denying visitors, correspondence, copying, reading and relaying the teachings of Falun Gong, and practicing the Falun Gong exercises. There is also no talking, no hunger strikes, and forced hard labor. During this meeting they declared that twelve Dafa practitioners: Xu Changzhen, Liang Junhua, Song Jinyin, Xiao Hongmo, Fan Ning, Zhang Zongshan, Wu Bocheng, and others, were to be relocated to the Guangyuan Jail. Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhihgang was sent to a jail located in Yibing.

Before the meeting, Warden Ma had already confined these twelve practitioners separately. On the second floor of the jail, several guards, who were on their way back from work, beat two practitioners from the Fifth Section in front of many inmates. Afterwards all of the Dafa practitioners being held in each jail section were either placed into solitary confinement (Zhong Qiru, Wu Mingsan, etc.), strictly supervised (Jiang Hong, etc.), or rotated to different jail sections to perform extended forced labor (Liu Tao and Lou Jiangping were forced to work for 36 straight hours).

While this was happening, the guards also extended the working hours for other inmates to at least 14 hours everyday, imposed stricter regulations upon them and blamed all of this on Dafa practitioners. The detainees are forced to process wigs and jewelry, which are later exported are foby Guangxi Province. This practice is a direct violation of international trade laws.