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A Prostate Cancer Patient Discovers Dafa

August 06, 2003 |  


Mr. Hu was a traffic control policeman. In November 2002, when he was diagnosed with cancer, he was sent to the Beijing 301 Army Hospital and 307 General Army Hospital, which were rated among the best hospitals in China. He was diagnosed with acute prostate cancer in advanced stages with tumors spreading to his liver, kidney, lungs, and bones. The doctors were unable to perform any operations and sent a terminal illness notice to his family members. Hu felt so disheartened that he had given up any hope of recovery.

One of Mr. Hu's colleagues learned of his situation and went to Beijing to visit him. He suggested that Hu listen to Teacher Li's Guangzhou lecture tapes. He said to Hu, "I've heard that listening to the nine lectures is good for people. It's better not to think about anything in your mind when listening to them. Just listen to them quietly. I have books, too. But it's not convenient for you to read books at the hospital so, please, keep listening."

A month later, the colleague visited Hu in Beijing again and found that his situation had changed completely and that Hu looked very healthy. Mr. Hu was discharged from the hospital after another two weeks. He had stayed at the hospital for a total of five weeks. His colleagues were surprised when they saw Mr.Hu again. Hu's recovery was unimaginable to them. They said, "We were told that Hu was at the point of death when he was in the hospital. How did he get out of the hospital so quickly? He looks so good! His face is glowing with health."

Mr.Hu said to the man who had given him the Falun Gong lecture tapes: "Those tapes are very good. May I have a Falun Gong exercise tape?"

July 20, 2003