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USA: "Car Tour to Rescue Charles Li" Passes Through Wyoming and Colorado (Photos)

August 31, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) August 28, 2003

Spreading the Truth

On August 22, 2003, the "Car Tour Around the US to Rescue Charles Li" that started in San Francisco, California, continued traveling eastward towards Washington DC. Practitioners from California and Utah set out from the Salt Lake City and arrived in Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming. Practitioners from the neighboring state of Colorado also came to help.

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áPractitioners show the media signatures collected on a yellow cloth.

At 2:00 p.m., we held a press conference in front of the state government building and were interviewed by the local major media, Casper Star Tribune and a reporter from the Epoch Times. The practitioners also handed out Dafa truth-clarifying materials and collected signatures to rescue American citizen Charles Li. We received much kind support from the local people. A staff member working in the state government building saw the words on our banners and came downstairs to ask for information. When he learned that we came from far away to rescue American citizen Charles Li who is suffering from the Jiang regime's persecution because he believes in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," he was moved and suggested that we let the local TV station report our activity. He also drove in person to help us take Dafa truth-clarifying materials to the influential No. 5 TV Station. Some other people who saw our peaceful exercises insisted that we teach them the exercises. California practitioners visited the governor's office, and the staff showed great sympathy and support for us.

When we were about to leave the government building, a big tour bus with many Chinese tourists stopped in front of the state government building. They were passing through here from New Jersey to another famous tourist site, Yellow Rock Park. The practitioners immediately handed out Dafa truth-clarifying materials to these precious Chinese people. Many of them have learned the truth. One tourist gave us a thumb-up sign to express his respect. The truth about Falun Gong has become deeply rooted in the hearts of Chinese people, and the lies of Jiang's scoundrel regime can no longer deceive Chinese people overseas.

We also delivered Dafa truth-clarifying materials to the offices of United States Senators, Representatives, the mayor and other government officials in Wyoming to inform them of the Jiang regime's brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, the persecution of American citizen Charles Li and the lawsuits against Jiang in the US federal court for the crime of genocide. At 4:00 p.m. it rained heavily. We sent forth righteous thoughts and felt that the environment in Wyoming was being purified because the arrival of the car tour. The car tour then left Wyoming for Colorado.

Righteous thoughts and righteous actions; meeting the new mayor of Denver

On Monday, August 25, practitioners of the car tour continued their travel eastward. We set out from Denver, the capital of Colorado, and drove toward Topeka, the capital city of Kansas. Before leaving, we held a press conference in front of the Denver City Government Building. The largest newspaper in Colorado, Rocky Mountain News, Epoch Times and NTD TV covered the event. After the press conference, some practitioners continued doing the exercises and sending righteous thoughts; other practitioners visited the office of the new mayor, Mr. John Hickenlooper, who was elected last month. NTD TV reported on this.

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Practicing the exercises in front of the Denver City Government Building Interview with a reporter from Rocky Mountain News Telling the newly-elected mayor of Denver about the car tour to rescue Charles Li; NTD TV covers the activity

We first clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to a receptionist in the office, and soon the assistant of the mayor was invited to meet us. The first words he said was that the mayor hadn't come to work yet and could not meet with us. As soon as he finished these words, the mayor entered the office. A practitioner recognized him and politely invited him to stay for a while. The mayor stopped and attentively listened to the practitioner who informed him of the persecution of American citizen Charles Li being imprisoned in a Chinese prison for believing in Falun Gong. He accepted the truth-clarifying package from the practitioners and promised to read them and gave us a prompt reply to our request. After that, we visited the governor's office, and the vice-governor's office in Colorado. Their assistants showed their understanding and support for our rescue efforts, and promised to read the truth-clarifying materials as soon as possible. At around 11:30 a.m., the car tour set out for Topeka.

In addition to US senators, representatives and mayors, Colorado practitioners also took the opportunity of the car tour to deliver truth-clarifying materials to more government officials, such as directors of different departments in the governor's cabinet.

At the same time, we printed 5000 flyers for the "urgent rescue of Charles Li" to hand out to local people. The practitioners cooperated with each other and improved as a whole throughout the car tour.