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My Family Members' Changes Made Me Feel the Profound Magnificence and Wonderfulness of Dafa

August 03, 2003 |  

July 20, 2003


Teacher said in the article "Enlightenment" (Essentials for Further Advancement) "...board the boat of the Fa, sailing smoothly." Now I really feel so carefree and at-ease in the Fa.

When you melt into the Fa and give for the Fa, you'll correspondingly feel the magnificence of Dafa. In the principles at everyday people's level, when you succeed in something, you'll feel happy and joyous. When Dafa practitioners give for the Fa, they'll feel the magnificence of Dafa. This was the understanding I enlightened to from my meditation.

One day, while I was writing slogans for Dafa truth clarifying materials, my son walked up to me. I said to him, "You'll help me write some slogans, won't you?" He replied, "My handwriting isn't good and presentable." My son doesn't cultivate. Though he didn't write, I felt these were sincere words from the bottom of his heart and meant that Dafa was incomparably great and lofty in his eyes. I felt his pure heart supporting Dafa and me. Previously, when the TV news reported that natural or manmade disasters had occurred somewhere, and I said this was karmic retribution, he would glare at me, and say some bad words to me. Now when the news is reported on TV, he'll say, "This is the will of Heaven."

My son's change has made me heartily feel Dafa's magnificence. My family members' unfriendly attitudes toward Dafa turning into righteous thoughts for Dafa is inseparable from my firm belief in Teacher and my seizing every chance in daily life to clarify the truth to them.

My husband doesn't cultivate either, but he has done many truth-clarifying things for Dafa. (Of course, I know, he has also done that for himself. He has positioned himself.) Now I feel comfortable and relaxed at home. There was no serious or tense atmosphere after I returned from appealing for Dafa in Beijing. I have gained my family members' understanding and support of Dafa and my cultivation.

I will advance firmly by doing the three things Teacher requires us to do.

The above is only my own understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.