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Family Members Examine Sun Jihong's Body and Investigate those Who Tortured Him to Death

August 24, 2003 |  


When Falun Gong practitioner Sun Jihong went out to clarify the facts about Falun Gong on September 25, 2002 at the Cao Bridge in the Fengtai District of Beijing, he was arrested by three police agents and taken to the Fengtai Police Station. Three days later he was transferred to the Fengtai State Security Bureau. Two days after that, on September 29, he died from torture. (Previously reported http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/10/13/27525.html )

Only after the third day did officials notify his family members to come and claim his body. Sun Jihong's mother, brother-in-law, and two local police agents came to Beijing together. In the beginning, the State Security Bureau agents were laying out conditions with Sun Jihong's family members, who had requested an autopsy and permission to appeal to higher level authorities. At the time the Bureau had agreed. One of the police agents, Mr. Huang, even said to Sun Jihong's brother-in-law, "Your brother had very good innate qualities. You should not tell your sister-in-law (also a Falun Dafa practitioner) about this, otherwise she would use his death as 'counter propaganda'." In reality, they were afraid of being exposed on the Clearwisdom.net website. By the next day, the Bureau had called off all their previous agreements.

Only three days later were they allowed to see the body. They were told beforehand not to take pictures or video. The reporter they brought with them was not allowed to go in. Sun Jihong's family members were very surprised when they saw his body: police agents had smeared a thick layer of white substance over his entire face. They could not recognize his face at all. Sun Jihong's brother-in-law asked, "Who is this? We can't recognize him!" Only then did the police agents clean his face. This is what Sun Jihong's family witnessed: There were three holes on the left side of the face, as well as three burns on the right; there were also burns on the lower part of the chin and between the eyebrows, which looked like cigarette burns; they also saw a deep cut in Sun's left brow. Sun Jihong's mother was asking what caused such a deep cut in the left brow? An agent with the Bureau said, "He got scratched while trying to escape over the wall. We tried to drag him down."

The entire family was furious. They purchased a tape-recorder and returned to the Bureau. Sun Jihong's brother-in-law asked the Bureau agents, "Do you deny that his death involves every single one of you?" They responded, "We don't." Then another agent beside him said, "He died from a hunger strike." The local police agent who accompanied the family said, "That is impossible. There was no problem the last time he went on a 9-day hunger strike . He even jumped out of the car and escaped." (The entire conversation was recorded.) In the end, the Bureau was willing to settle the matter in private with money. At first they offered 10,000 Yuan, later adding 10,000 more; however, the family refused every cent.

Sun Jihong's family members tried to find journalists to expose this torture-death case committed by the Fengtai State Security Bureau of Beijing, but were unable to due to police threats.