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A Farm Girl: "If I Can, I Must Get Back That Book"

August 02, 2003 |   By a Chinese practitioner



A Dafa practitioner clarified the facts about Falun Gong to a 23-year-old farm girl, and provided her with the opportunity to understand a lot of things. She then borrowed the book, Zhuan Falun, from the practitioner to read.

One day, while taking a break, she started reading Zhuan Falun on the side of the road. A patrolling plain-clothes policeman saw her and asked her what she was reading, and she replied without thinking, "Zhuan Falun." The plain-clothes policeman seized her by the hair and dragged her away. He then put her under detention at the Dongfeng Forced Labor Camp in Daqing City for 15 days. She was beaten frequently there.

When asked if she suffered a lot of pain and anguish from the beating, she said, "All the beatings were ordered by the guards and carried out by the inmates. The inmates dared not disobey orders since they could get reduced jail terms after beating practitioners. They beat me pretty hard, but I did not pay too much attention because I thought it was such a pity that they took that book, Zhuan Falun, away from me. I really loved that book dearly." When asked if she felt scared, she said, "I was quite scared at first, but Dafa practitioners were also being detained and I no longer felt scared when I was with them. I won't be so scared if the police try to take me away next time. If I can, I must get back that book!"