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Chinese Police Fearful of Being Placed on List of Evildoers

August 17, 2003 |  


After Yingkou Dafa practitioner Liu Laibin from Yingkou City, Liaoning Province was forcibly seized by policemen at the Jianfen market, the phone numbers of the policemen and the head of the police station initiating the illegal arrest were placed on the Internet. Dafa practitioners from overseas reacted quickly by making phone calls to explain the true situation about Falun Gong, causing a big commotion among the policemen. The word among Yingkou policemen now is to take care not to be placed on Falun Gong's list of evildoers to avoid receiving phone calls from practitioners worldwide.

We are suggesting that people send lists of the phone numbers of those who persecute Dafa practitioners to Clearwisdom.net. Dafa practitioners will then be able to work together to explain the true situation to those in China who have been fooled by the Jiang regime's lies.