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The Torture and Slavery Behind the Facade of "Civilized Management" at the Women's Brigade in Baoding Labor Camp, Hebei Province

August 16, 2003 |  


The following are a few cases of persecution against Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained in the Women's Brigade in Baoding Labor Camp, Hebei Province:

  1. Ma Qingyun (from Xiong County), was force-fed by police agents. They pinched her nose, pried open her mouth with a big spoon and held her teeth with pliers (two front teeth were broken off). They forced liquid food into her mouth and it ended up going into her lungs. She often coughed up blood and she was constantly under the "stringent management" program. She had to get up at 5 a.m. in the morning and go to bed at 11 p.m., which resulted in TB, intestinal adhesion, and pleurisy. But after more than 1 year, prison guards here still would not allow her to be released back home on "medical" bail.
  2. Ma Zhanmei (from Laiyuan County), went on a 9 day hunger strike in order to take back the "4 Letters" that she was forced to write. In the end, only because she was dying did they ask her family members to come to take care of her. On April 22, 2003 she was suffocated during force-feeding. She was sent to the ER of #252 Hospital, but it was too late. She died due to the extreme persecution.
  3. Wang Junxian (from Boye County). From April to May of 2002, he was subject to forced brainwashing and torture. He was not able to sleep for more than 2 months. He was disabled due to the persecution and was still not able to walk after 10 months (perpetrators: drug addicts Guo Shaohua and Zhang Yan).
  4. Tang Guihong. On April 17 of 2003, she was called in to have a "talk" with Brigadier Zhu Man and ended up being forced to stand still for a long period of time as punishment. Because she was not cooperating with Zhu, he ordered the windows to be shut and called in two drug addicts, Wu Xiaoli and Zhang Yan. They pummeled her with fists and boots and grabbed her by the hair to bang her head against the wall. She was violently slapped, with the fingerprints on her face still visible after 3 to 4 days. Her legs were seriously injured due to kicks from heavy-duty boots; she could not even stand nor walk. She was then handcuffed to a chair for the whole day and night. She was sent back to her division after 12 o'clock at night on April 18. On the morning of April 19, members of her division requested a physical check up but it was denied.
  5. Gao Chunlian. In July 2002, she was handcuffed to a chair by Liu Ziwei (Brigadier) for one week because she refused to read materials that defamed Dafa and Teacher. A few days later, she was forced to undergo brainwashing and do long time standing and squatting. Gao did not cooperate with the evil and as a result, the prison guard ordered 3 agents -- two were drug addicts Zhang Jiang, Wu Xiaoli and a criminal fighter Kan Chunjuan--to slap her more than 100 times on her face. They hit her on the chin, face, and eyes and grabbed her by the hair to bang her head against the wall. These villains violently kicked her legs from behind to force her to kneel down on the ground. They tortured her like this until they were exhausted and covered with sweat. On the next day, Gao's face was swollen, she was not able to open her eyes; her joints were injured and her hair was falling out in clumps. Gao tried to report the torture to the Brigade Chief Li Xiuqin, but she shirked her duty and pretended that she did not know. This kind of torture happens all the time in the women's brigade and is getting even worse.

Labor camp staff agents would confiscate practitioners' paper and pencils unscrupulously and would not allow practitioners to meet with their family members. (The only chance to meet them was when a practitioner had to divorce due to the cruel persecution or was dying due to hunger strike.)

Practitioners were forced to do hard labor for more than 11-12 hours daily. Prison guards were paying lip service by saying that practitioners should rest on Sundays, but in fact they were assigned lots of work that could not be finished even after working for the whole day on Sunday. Sometimes they would even work until midnight or 1:00 a.m.

During April 15th to the 29th 8 practitioners from other regions were transferred here for forced brainwashing. We did not know what kind of torture they were suffering because they were all segregated.

It is said that steadfast and determined male practitioners were all sent to Baoding Labor Camp and female practitioners were sent to Gaoyang Labor Camp. On the 29th, 3 female practitioners were transferred there: Baiyun (former Chief of Xiong County Procuratorate), Tang Guihong, and Li Jinling (Anxin). Currently, we do not know what kind of torture they are suffering.