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Following Master Li's Teachings, I Got My Job Back With Dignity

July 07, 2003 |  

June 22, 2003


I went to Beijing to rectify the Fa in February 2000. After I was sent back to my local area, I was severely persecuted. Because I did not understand the Fa enough and I had attachments, I did something that was shameful to Dafa and shameful to Master Li. Later on I cried loudly and I was in great pain.

Ever since I was detained, I was suspended from my job without pay and I had to stay at home. As Master Li's new articles arrived, I gradually realized that this persecution was due to the arrangements of the old forces.

In August 2000, I was transferred to the town to help. At that time my fear was strong and I only clarified the truth to people that I knew. However, I used the Fa as a guide to be a good person every moment; my actions, my words and my accomplishments earned respect from my colleagues. Under the protection of Master Li, they paid me after a few months. After I finished that project in April 2001, the deputy mayor who was responsible for giving me work, still refused to let me go back to my original work unit. As I continuously studied Master Li's new lectures, I had improvements in my understanding of the Fa. I realized that I should not cooperate with them. My ex-work unit leader came to convince me to follow their arrangements, and I exposed the evil things they did to me. The deputy mayor got angry and declared that he would fire me. It was Dafa that gave me the strength and I firmly resisted the persecution; and they didn't get what they wanted. More than ten days later, I was transferred to another assignment. This time, through studying the Fa, my fear was not that strong and I was able to clarify the truth to even more people in contact with me.

After that assignment, I stayed home and had nothing to do. A few months later, the leader from my ex-work unit requested that my position be restored to me, but the deputy mayor's requirement was that I had to sign a "guarantee letter." The ex-work unit leader tried to "convert" me again. I felt that it was a good opportunity to further clarify the truth. This time, Master Li had already talked about sending forth righteous thoughts. I was continuously studying the Fa and gradually became more mature in terms of understanding the Fa. When they came to "convert" me, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them and clarified the truth to them more in depth. The leader from my ex-work unit was very afraid that the deputy mayor would find out. He said that I was not "converted" well and wanted to send me to a "brainwashing class." I understood that all this was the arrangement of the evil and the evil old forces trying to brainwash me. I used my righteous thoughts to eradicate all the arrangements of the evil.

So I still had no work. During the days when I was not busy at home, I had more time to study the Fa, clarify the truth, send forth righteous thoughts and share experiences with other practitioners. My husband (not a practitioner), friends and relatives all blamed me. I told them that I would go back to work with dignity. When I first went to Beijing, I did not plan to go back to work again. But today, through studying the Fa and cultivating my xinxing (mind nature), I clearly understand that the evil old forces don't deserve to arrange anything for me.

In February 2002, I went back to my original work unit with dignity. My cultivation environment gradually got better. Truly using the heart to study the Fa, listening to what Master Li has said, and following what Master Li has taught, one will definitely be able to go home with Master Li.

I wanted to write down my experiences and share them with practitioners a long time ago. I took a wrong path before and it was an obstacle for me to write anything, so I waited for a long time. If there was anything improper, please kindly point it out.