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Dafa Practitioners in Korea Walk Throughout the Country Clarifying the Truth and Gain Far-reaching Support from All Social Circles

July 30, 2003 |   By Dafa Practitioners in Korea

(Clearwisdom.net July 6, 2003 report) Leaving Busan and Ulsan, we arrived Gyeongju on foot at 6:30pm, June 30. During the past several days, the practitioners in the middle route divided into two groups, one clarifying truth to city governments, media, human rights organizations and other organizations, the other group walking into the villages and streets to clarify the truth to the general public. The "Rescue of Jin Xuezhe" campaign has won broad sympathy and support from all social circles.

Among the participating practitioners, there was Jin Xuezhe's mother, a practitioner from Mainland China. Practitioner Jin Xuezhe received vicious persecution for his firm belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and was forced to leave home and go from one place to another. He is being persecuted to this day. (Please see the related report on Clearwisdom.net http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/6/21/37168.html ) During the truth-clarification to the public, Jin Xuezhe's mother told all the government officials about her and her family's experiences. The officials all expressed their sympathy. It is noted that everybody accepted our truth-clarification materials and signed the petition letter for the rescue of Jin Xuezhe. Especially, there was a congressman in Ulsan who signed his name then encouraged his staff to sign the letter too.

In the City of Ulsan, practitioners went to the religious groups to clarify the truth and also gained support from them. They also helped us with suggestions and ideas. After learning the truth, a policeman in the city of Ulsan also warmheartedly took our practitioners to the city hall, newspaper offices, and other organizations to clarify the truth. Before the practitioners were going to leave his district, he asked them to show him the Falun Gong exercises one more time and asked about the characteristics of the practice. He said he was going to ask his parents-in-law, whose health condition was not so good, to learn Falun Gong. Practitioners then helped him to contact the local practice site close to his parents-in-law's place. It was said that there were no Falun Gong practitioners in Gyeongju City, which is very rarely seen in Korea. This time, through our spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth to different social circles, many people there expressed strong interest in Falun Gong.

Police and Reporters Walk with Us

Another group of practitioners held flags and banners and carried truth clarification materials during the long walk. When we walked along the road, many passersby were shocked upon seeing us. When seeing the banner of "Walking Throughout the Country to Clarify the Truth", many drivers honked their horns to salute to us and opened their windows to ask for truth clarification materials. Some passengers waved their hands to us and some even greeted us, "You have been through a lot hardships!" Some waved their fists emotionally and told us, "We support you!" When we got to Ulsan Railway Station, a catholic accepted our truth material and warmheartedly brought us soft drinks.

The KBS (Korean central TV station) broadcasted the news about our tour of truth clarification and it brought broader attention from all social circles, especially the police. In Busan and Ulsan, the police came out to greet us and treated us warmly. They also asked for truth clarification materials. Some police even signed the petition letter. They showed the demeanor of civilized policemen.

Our activities also brought fear to the Chinese Consulates. Influenced by their pressure and fabricated lies, the Korean police started to be cautious toward us and started to follow us all the way. Sometimes they suddenly came out the car and asked us questions about Falun Gong. We then used the opportunity to clarify the truth to them. From the conversations, we got to know that they were under pressure of the Chinese Consulates. They had to follow us to protect us and ensure everything went smoothly while preventing us from doing something like "terrorism." There was an interesting story. When we got to the Gyeongju Railway Station and were going to start doing the exercises, suddenly, out came three police vehicles. Four or five armed police came in cautiously with three or four plainclothes officers. Because there were no Falun Gong practitioners in that area, no truth clarification had been done there before. Several practitioners then handed out truth clarification materials to them while other practitioners started to do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts. Upon seeing the elegant exercise demonstration and practitioners' calm and kind behavior, those armed police left with relief, leaving only two policemen waiting until we finished. They asked, "You have walked so long and then did the exercises for an hour. Are you tired?" The practitioners said, "It was tiring after the walk. But we are no longer tired after doing the exercises." The police were surprised that Falun Gong was so incredible.

The Chinese consulates "invited" so many police for us which allowed so many kind and good policemen to have the opportunity to get close to Falun Gong, know Falun Gong, and support Falun Gong. According to the policemen, they had to report our daily activities to the president. We could rarely find opportunities to clarify the truth to the president. Now the police could help us report to the president about Dafa, objectively and factually; thus the president would know the truth about Falun Gong. It can be said that the Chinese consulate actually did us a "favor".

At 9:00am of July 1, 2003, we started off despite the rain, while the police vehicles followed us. We handed out truth clarification materials along the way and continuously sent forth righteous thoughts. At around 11:00am, a reporter from the local "Daily News" came to interview us. A police vehicle stopped in front of us. We walked close to it and waved our hands to the policemen in a friendly way. They immediately thanked us gladly and accepted our truth clarification materials. When we got to Ipohang City, the police warmheartedly lead us to the city hall, newspaper offices and human rights organizations to clarify the truth. That same night, they also helped us to arrange sightseeing activities. On the second day, they walked with us for over two hours before saying good-bye.

Good-bye, Ipohang City! We wish good luck for the righteous and kind people in Ipohang City!