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Summary of Other Articles and News - 07/14/2003

July 25, 2003 |  


Experience Sharing Among Dafa Practitioners

Calling the "report phone numbers" is an effective way to clarifying the Truth of Dafa and to suffocate the evils: generally, the governing authority of the forced labor camps or the public security bureaus is the Labor Camps Management Department or the Discipline Office of the Public Security Bureau. They are taking charge of the promotions of police officers and have a certain conditioning effect. Calling these "higher authorities" is effective in clarifying the truth and suffocating the evil. Once I made a call to the 4th Brigade of the Xinan Forced Labor Camp. When that person heard that we are going to report him to his upper level, he was scared and said: you called a wrong number and hung up. Once I called a Labor Camps Management Department to report the wrongdoing of its sub level Dispatching Office. The other side was not friendly, but wrote down the case and the name of the police officer. I then clarified the truth to him by incorporating the SARS case. At the end, he turned to be friendly. Please write down the names of the recording police officer, so we can check later.

Words to Fellow Dafa Practitioners Who Are Not As Diligent: Teacher is waiting for us! When the unprecedented persecution started, I wrote so-called "Guarantees" under pressure. Back then I thought this is to cheat them. Later I realized that it's wrong to do that, but I fell into a mood of self-reprimanding and compunction, and felt that I am not qualified to practice Dafa. When I was entangled in the torrents of ordinary life, fellow Dafa practitioners sent me the new Dafa articles and lectures. Teacher did not cast me aside for the mistakes I have made. I could study Dafa, do exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth every day. During the recent period of time, I experienced many calamities and tests. Whenever I feel that practice is difficult, Teacher's words would resound in my ears, the hardship and bitterness would disappear in seconds. Genuine Dafa practitioners can feel the great boundless compassion of our Teacher.

Dafa Truth and People's Minds

A Body of Diseases Before Attaining Dafa, A Healthy Body After Attaining Dafa: I am 48 years old now. I suffered from over 30 years of diseases, which include stomach trouble, rheumatic arthritis, heart diseases which are all hard to treat cases. Year in year out, I lived a life no better than death. At the end of 1998, I was on the verge of dying. Luckily I attained Dafa in April 1999. Within a month after I started practicing Dafa, those diseases all disappeared. I felt my body become very light. After about half a year, I could take care of all the family chores. My practice of Dafa has saved for my family over 10,000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] of medical expenses during the past four years. People around me said Falun Dafa saved my life. In April 2003, my son collided with a truck while riding on a motorcycle. By-standers shouted: "He is going to die!" The front of the car shattered and the motorcycle was totaled, but my son did not suffer even the slightest harm. All witnesses said: "God bless your family! I can't believe he is safe!" Let me tell you the truth: Falun Gong offered my family happiness; its Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance that saved my son. One person practices Falun Gong; the whole family enjoyed the benefits.

News from China

About Wang Xuqing: during the 1999 Hong Kong Experience Sharing Conference period at the end of that year, Wang Xuqing won the trust in Dafa practitioners with her experience of being arrested in Tiananmen Square. She behaved radically. But concerning the rule that Dafa did not manage money, she has her own way instead of following Dafa. For a period of time, there were some difference of opinions between the Hong Kong Dafa Association and the practitioners at the Xinhua News Agency Practice Site. Wang Xuqing was involved in many aspects of the issue. She made copies of Teacher's lecture in small group and spread the copies to the whole world, which produced negative effects to Dafa. She took herself as an organizer, and interfered with Dafa practitioners in other countries; She does not pay attention to security issues, and has disclosed information at too early of a stage. When Wang was arrested, her cooperation with police and open confession is surprising. In the so-called "Hong Kong street blocking" event, Wang's role was recorded. After that event, Wang toured Europe with her son in which she stirred up the relationship between the European Dafa Association and practitioners, and promoted herself.