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Dafa Practitioner Liao Yuanhua Suffers Inhuman Tortures at Fanjiatai Labor Camp

July 19, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liao Yuanhua, a resident of Wuxue City of Hubei Province, was illegally arrested for practicing Falun Gong. Prior to the arrest, he was the Discipline Committee Secretary of Wuxue City Forestry Bureau. He followed higher moral standards and his work performance was outstanding.

In June 2000, Mr. Liao Yuanhua was detained. Later he was sent to Fanjiatai Labor Camp in Shayang City of Hubei Province, where he repeatedly suffered inhumane persecution. His effort to clarify the truth with a kind heart only caused more severe torture.

Below are the four major tortures Mr. Liao Yuanhua suffered at the labor camp:

1) Within a month after Mr. Liao was sent to the labor camp, policemen He Ping, Shi Huaping and Zu Jian instigated a group of criminals to beat Liao. One of his legs was broken due to the torture and he has become handicapped since then.

2) In the brickyard kiln of Fanjiatai Labor Camp, it is 80 C (around 160 F to 170 F) hot all year round, and the burning bricks were bright red. One day the police pushed Liao Yuanhua onto a pile of burning bricks. With smoke coming from his burnt body and with miserable cries, Liao Yuanhua fainted. The police laughed mercilessly at seeing his suffering.

3) Policeman Xiao Tianbo cuffed Mr. Liao in handcuffs and foot shackles, and locked him into a room, where he assigned four criminals to beat him for 21 days continuously. The evil exhausted its means of brutal torture. Everyday, miserable cries could be heard from far away for at least two to three hours. Some kind-hearted policemen said, "It is horrible, even the birds wouldn't stop near that window."

4) The police forced the lame and hurt Liao Yuanhua to do hard labor. Later police Xiong Zuyong and other police started spreading rumors in Wuxue City and other areas in Hubei Province that Liao Yuanhua betrayed his own conscience and Falun Gong. They wanted to destroy Liao Yuanhua mentally in this way.

Currently Liao Yuanhua has bruises all over his body, and his face and ears have suffered serious damage due to the torture.

Friends and relatives of Mr. Liao Yuanhua and other kind-hearted people are paying attention to his situation. We call upon the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong to set up a case and investigate the details of crimes committed by Fanjiatai Labor Camp in Division No. 4, Subgroup No. 7, in order to return justice to innocent Falun Gong practitioners, bring morality to this human world and punish the evil for their crimes.

July 10, 2003