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Bloody Violence at the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp: Electric Baton Burns Cover Practitioner's Entire Body, Ligaments Torn and Split

July 14, 2003 |  


In the three years since the end of 1999, the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners. Many Falun Gong practitioners were subjected to brutal persecution at that forced labor camp because they refused to give up their belief of Falun Gong.

Amongst them, Falun Gong practitioners who were subjected to torture in confinement included: Zeng Shugang, Wang Yutian, Deng Jiu, Wan Shubin, Liu Yufeng, Jia Guodong, Lin Xiangrui, Xie Chunfeng, Xie Chunze, Hong Haoyuan, You Xianbang, Xing Peisong, Xu Xieqia, Li Jielong, Xu Wenzhong, Liang Xian, Zeng Liuming, Xie Wenjie, Liu Fangfei, Zhou Jianqiang, Chen Jingping, Liu Lei, Feng Dijian, Chen Jinke, Sun Jiefeng, and Wei Xiaojing.

A person being locked up in a small room is already considered "confined", but in the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp "confinement" means something quite different. The prison police subjected every Dafa practitioner that was sent to confinement to electric baton torture as well as other torture methods. Sometimes a single Dafa practitioner was subjected to shocks from about ten electric batons simultaneously. The prison police thought that with the completely enclosed walls, they could secretly conduct these torture sessions without the outside world ever knowing. They had no misgivings about their evil deeds.

At the end of 2002, under the incitement of the Guangdong Forced Labor Department, which had, a hand in its implementation, the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp began what they referred to as "assault on the fortified positions". They used coercion to try to force Falun Gong practitioners to betray their belief. In order to carry out this "assault on fortified positions", the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp made arrangements for a block of multi-story buildings. They used more than ten rooms there as a "concentration camp" to injure and maim Falun Gong practitioners. This "concentration camp" was situated at the old address of the original second branch patrol team. More than ten police were selected, and many forced labor prisoners were used to carry out their orders and torture Dafa practitioners. The main culprit was the Sanshui Forced Labor Camp education section head Ye. The others who assisted in the persecution included Zhang Qingmei, Chen Ruixiong, Qiu Jianwen, Lu Jinhu, Zeng Qingoing, Zhou Zehua, Zeng Guanhua, Wen Zhiguang, He Raodong, Zhu Qi, Li Kuolin, Fan Qingping.

From December 4, 2002, that forced labor camp secretly moved more than twenty steadfast Falun Gong practitioners from the Third Branch Fifth Main Brigade (especially formed to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, simply known as the "Special Supervision Team") to the Second Branch Concentration Camp. The more than twenty Falun Gong practitioners included: Chen Jinke, Chen Binggui, Chen Jingping, Wang Bin, Liu Fangfei, Feng Dijian, Pan Zheng, Zeng Guangxing, Liu Chongdan, Xu Mingziong, Wu Haibo, Li Yuandong, Wang Guifeng, Lin Fengchi, Liu Zhenxue, Liang Shoulin, Sun Jifeng, Li Jielong, Xu Jianshun, Liu Qinming, Ding Wulai, Yang Jiedong, and Lin Qinrong. Having sent Falun Dafa practitioners to the concentration camp, the men assisting the authorities forced the Falun Gong practitioners to squat on their heels for long periods of time and did not allow them to sleep for many days and nights. Electric batons were used on them, while the practitioners were simultaneously punched and kicked. They also used sharp toothpicks to pierce under their fingernails!

Amongst them, Falun Gong practitioner Wang Bin was handcuffed and hung on the doorframe for more than ten hours, with his legs dangling in the air. The skin on his wrists was torn open, exposing his bones, and the blood flowed freely. The excruciating, unimaginable pain made him lose consciousness.

The prison police frequently cruelly yanked his legs downwards and punched his ribs. Falun Gong practitioner Wang Guifeng was shocked with an electric baton till his whole body was a festering mass of blisters from the burns. His neck vertebrae went out of alignment and could no longer be straightened. Both his hands were handcuffed, and he was forcefully dragged left and right by his arms till his left arm became dislocated and the ligaments severely torn and split. Later, because his life was in danger, he was admitted to a hospital in Foshan City and has been there ever since.

Falun Dafa practitioners Lin Fengchi and Chen Weiming were so severely injured by the assaults and electric baton shocks that they had to remain under constant medical care.

Dafa practitioner Li Yuandong was deprived of sleep for more than a month. He finally collapsed from exhaustion, but the prison police immediately revived him and started to beat him as well as shock him with the electric baton, and they pierced sharp toothpicks under his fingernails. Li Yuandong suffered the most inhuman torture. His whole body was a mess. On several occasions, at the brink of death he was rushed to the Sanshui Hospital for emergency treatment. Then he was returned to the concentration camp for continued persecution. But nothing that they did to Li Yuandong could change his steadfast and upright belief.

Subsequently, some practitioners could not stand the persecution any longer, and were forced to write the "three letters", and they were compromised against their will. These practitioners were returned to the "Special Supervision Team" to be counted for an "award." They announced their short and temporary victory. However, coercion cannot change people's hearts. Not long after, the practitioners who were compromised under extreme pressure wrote Solemn Statements declaring that whatever words they wrote against Dafa was under coercion and torture were null and void. Later, many of the practitioners were again arrested and returned to the Second Branch Concentration Camp for the "assault on fortified positions".

The prison police at the forced labor camps are becoming extremely savage and furious now, and are contemplating converting the Second Branch Concentration Camp as a long-term "base for the assault on fortified positions." It will be used to persecute any Dafa practitioner who refuses to give in to their demands.