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Expose Lies, Uphold Justice - Northern California Practitioners Hold March and Rally for Charles Li's Release (Photos)

July 14, 2003 |  

(Clearwisdom.net July 13, 2003) On July 12, San Francisco Bay area Falun Gong practitioners and Friends of Falun Gong held a march and rally calling on the international community to work together to secure the release Charles Li, who has illegally detained and jailed in China.

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San Francisco City Council Member Mr. Chris Daly Margery Farrar, Representative of Congressman Tom Lantos áSteve Freekin, Berkley Justice and Peace Association
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Representative of Amnesty International Foo Yeong-chin, Fiancée of Charles Li Practitioner relating detailed cases of persecution
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Rally March March

Government officials, human rights activists and Falun Gong practitioners arrived in UN Square at the heart of the city. The rally started at noon. San Francisco city council member Mr. Chris Daly gave a speech first. He pointed out that the persecution of Charles Li and Falun Gong practitioners is a violation of fundamental human rights. Margery Farrar, representative of Congressman Tom Lantos, then spoke and praised the courageous act of Charles Li, who risked his life to expose the Chinese government's lies. Mr. Steve Freekin from Berkley Justice and Peace Association quoted what Gandhi wrote in jail: Throughout history the dictatorships that persecute human rights and righteous belief have all failed.

Foo Yeong-chin, Charles Li's fiancée; representative of Amnesty International, Global Coalition Against Article 23 Legislation and a Falun Gong practitioner who just arrived in the US from China then gave speeches. They exposed and condemned the brutal persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese government and demanded the immediate release of Charles Li.

The host of the rally read support letters from Congresspersons Anna Eshoo, Ellen Tausher, Lynn Woolsey and Mayor of San Mateo Claire Mack. Congressperson Lynn Woolsey pointed out in her letter that the Chinese government's persecution of Falun Gong is unacceptable. Freedom is not a special privilege but should be a right for everyone. The persecution of Falun Gong not only violates freedom in China but is also an insult to human dignity around the world.

After the rally, more than 100 people held banners calling for ending the persecution and returning freedom to Charles Li. They marched from UN Square to Justin Herman Square, and concluded the activity there.

Reporters from KPFA radio, French American TV, San Jose Messenger, RFA radio came to report the event.