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Remembering Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Yang Yufang

July 12, 2003 |   Written by a Dafa disciple in Mainland China


Fellow practitioner Yang Yufang has passed away. She did not die of any sickness, she was beaten to death by the malicious police working for the Chinese dictator Jiang. Another good person has lost her life under Jiang's rule.

Before beginning to practice Falun Dafa in 1998, Ms. Yang not only had difficulties walking due to arthritis, she also had many health problems such as a stomach illness. Some practitioners introduced her to Falun Gong and so she attended a nine-day seminar. After attending the seminar she was free of arthritis pain and sickness. By diligently studying the Fa, Ms. Yang had also raised her moral standard. Before practicing Falun Gong Ms. Yang often fought with her husband and had even chased him out onto the street holding a wooden stick in her hand. However, ever since starting to practice Falun Gong she not only helped her family live in harmony, she also became a good member of the community. Everyone said Ms. Yang had transformed into a good and illness-free person after practicing Falun Gong. Her husband is one of the many people who later attained the Fa through her help.

However, in July 1999, the second year after Ms. Yang started practicing Falun Gong, out of jealousy Chinese dictator Jiang started persecuting Falun Gong and its practitioners. Since then Ms. Yang validated the Fa many times in different ways, such as clarifying the truth in Tiananmen Square and distributing truth-clarification banners via doves. She was arrested, but walked out of the jail in an open and dignified manner. After returning home Ms. Yang never stopped clarifying the truth to people, no matter what weather conditions prevailed. She delivered and distributed Dafa materials and clarified the truth via selling miscellaneous merchandize. In 2002, failing to uphold a righteous mind, a fellow practitioner exposed Ms. Yang to the police. One night at 10pm, seven officers from the Dongyaozi Police Station broke into Ms. Yang's house and asked her to "verify things at the police station." Getting up from bed, Ms. Yang immediately rectified the environment by sending forth righteous thoughts. Then she said, "There is nothing I need to verify." A policeman said, "Will you still practice Falun Gong?" Ms. Yang replied, "I am illness-free because of practicing Falun Gong. Why would I not?" Influenced by Ms. Yang's strong righteous thoughts these police left, one after another. After a while, another 7 to 8 police came and asked, "Yang Yufang, write us a guarantee letter to not go to Beijing." Ms. Yang said, "You do not deserve such a letter. I only write guarantee letters for my Master." Failing at this other conspiracy, a policeman said, "Then come to the police station with us." Ms. Yang replied, "Let's do it tomorrow at 8am." The police then left. Ms. Yang's husband asked her to go back to sleep since the police had left. She replied, "This is an opportunity given by Master. I must leave." Even the police stationed outside her house had left to change shifts. Thus, under Master's protection Ms. Yang left her house. At 4am the next morning the police broke into Yang's house but failed to arrest her.

Ever since then, Ms. Yang was forced into homelessness, but continued distributing Dafa materials. On May 17th of this year, police from the 3rd team broke into a Dafa material production site and arrested four practitioners, including Ms. Yang. Later they also arrested three more practitioners and confiscated tens of thousands of yuan worth of equipment and three motorcycles. In the jail, the police repeatedly tortured Ms. Yang, trying to extract a confession out of her by force. They persecuted her almost every day until she was beaten to death. Upon her death, Ms. Yang's body was purple and bleeding from her nose, mouth, and ears. Practitioners who were arrested with her were also severely persecuted.

Ms. Yang was brutally beaten to death.

Telephone numbers of perpetrators involved in persecuting Dafa disciples in Zhangjiakou City of Hebei Province:

Mayor's phone number open to public: 86-313-8077976

Social division of city government: 86-313-2024997

Inspection office: 86-313-2024756

Zhangjiakou City Police Department main switchboard: 86-313-8681234; office: 86-313-8682211

Dongyaozi Police Station: 86-313-8060757, 86-313-8021287

Criminal Squad, Qiaodong District Subdivision: 86-313-2060176

Qiadong district subdivision, Zhangjiakou City: 86-313-2015131

Qiaoxi district subdivision, Zhangjiakou City: 86-313-8041817

Zhangjiakou police department: 86-313-8682211

Shisanli Detention Center, Zhangjiakou City: 86-313-4021937

"610 Office," Zhangjiakou City: 86-313-2024752

The Fifth Hospital: 86-313-4061263

Funeral and Burial Management Division, Zhanjiakou City: 86-313-4063325, 86-313-4062206

City judicial bureau: 86-313-2030392

City government office: 86-313-2015646

Judicial legislation Bureau: 86-313-2024681

Inspector Division of Police Bureau, Hebei Province: 86-313-303941 ext. 2020

"610 Office" of Police Division, Hebei Province: 86-313-3033941 ext. 610

City Prosecutor's House: 86-313-8072000